Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Nothing days.

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Since Saturday night I have had 3 nothings days. Days where I want to do absolutely nothing days, I manage to go to the shop get the papers and that is it.

I was meant to be going to the gym tonight with my 2 dear friends and social support, but I have bailed out as the panic and stress attacks have been very bad this week, chest is permanently tight at the moment.  Hubby actually witnessed the worst yet and it really upset him as there was nothing he could do to make it better.

Oh well! Another fresh day tomorrow to see how we go. One day at a time most of last week was good this week so far is not. No Need to comment, just my rambling.

I am lucky, I have a loving family and friends who whilst they do not fully understand what Is happening to me or how to deal with it. They support and help regardless. xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

funny old game!

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Well today has been a day of two halves, this morning I went to a race that I had paid to do way back earlier in the summer. Ran walked 7.5 miles in woodland, struggled with my fitness but finished it none the less.

So why did I push myself to go, basically thursday and friday I had spent indoors, struggling with my self and this thing called depression that people don't like to admit too or talk about. I am learning too.

Of course once I finished the race I thought I was invincible ready for anything, so went along to the Running Clubs Christmas Party. BAD IDEA! V BAD IDEA. was chatting in the corner to my close friends as we got there early, the club started to fill up, people started to come say hello. The Band started and the music got loud. I could feel the panic and stress overtaking me. So looked at hubby and  left at 9.30. It is now 10:15 I am at home coffee in hand deep breathing trying to get my chest to open up, as it feels like a tight vice like grip squeezing me at the moment.

Hey ho I will keep trying.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tiny Victory!!

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Yay! I have realised just this minute that I have had a little victory today.

Sat at home and my friend Elaine asked if I felt like going to the gym, and without a thought said yes I want to go.

The Victory is for the first time in over 2 months I actually said I want to do it, rather than I have to do it.

It may seem insignificant to some, but to me it is a good step. Just needed to share. :-)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Thank fullness of friends and family.

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Well it is Saturday 23rd November at 4.33pm. I am sat watching a corny Christmas film on the television, worn out and exhausted.

It got me to thinking how lucky I am for having some amazing people in my life. Dale has gone away to see family in the midlands, I was not upto going away, but I knew my hubby needed a break so waved him off on Wednesday morning and he comes home tomorrow, I have missed him terribly and cannot wait to see him.

I have not really been venturing out on my own or going out, but this week I managed two very short walks with Osacr. Yep just me and him.

I managed a morning at my mums eating lunch.

Last night, My friend Elaine came and picked me up and we went to another friends house, drank wine, ate pizza, crisps and muffins and watched trashy television, crashed in her spare rooms and was delivered home safe and sound.

I am so lucky to have friends and family that are their to make sure I keep socializing as much as I feel upto with no pressure.

I miss my Bestie Karen, Jill, Marion and the shop, but I now know just how important it is for me to learn to accept what is wrong at the moment and work towards getting to a happy plateau when I can return and enjoy the shop again.

Take care xx

Friday, 15 November 2013

Designer Rip off!

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Whilst I am at home getting myself sorted, I have taken up my knitting needles again, knitting helps me lock out the world, following written instructions means I don't have to come up with my own creative ideas, so no stress and worry (someone else has done the hard work, thank you wonderful clever peeps).

So in my first couple of weeks I produced "The Jan Sweater" by Susan Crawford her blog and available patterns are HERE.  Susan has a knack for updating older vintage knitting patterns, so we can use todays, needles and yarns.

I knitted it in Rowan 4ply pure wool and cost me about £40.00. It is a lovely warm wool, quite luxurious, worth every penny.
my version with me wearing it.

Imagine my surprise when I came along this (proof of rip off prices).

Dolce & Gabbana Version.

Whopping price tag = £640.00
 I kid you not.

So glad I know how to knit LOL!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

We Shall Remember Them

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

So where am I?

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Waiting for things to start happening can be a frustration in itself - it leads to chest tightening and faster breaths, I have learnt deep breathing helps.

The good news is the little fighter voice is coming back into my head, like a little mantra. I will return to work, I will return to crafting, I will return to running and Plymouth Musketeers R C.  Its not every day, still the nasty voice keeps saying you can't, you won't etc. Like two little ninjas fighting it out, on average the nasty voice wins a lot but the little good fighting Ninja will  come out on top and stay on top one day, and we will say take that depression, stress and anxiety.  Rest assured I am not mad and am thankful for all the good things and people in my life, supporting me.

My eldest daughter left Plymouth with her new husband on Monday to start their new life in Telford. Was a very sad day indeed. They will have so many more opportunities up there and  we hope to see them again soon. This sees my youngest daughter living on her own for the first time ever. Life goes on around even though I am stood still LOL!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Just a quick update.

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I am doing the one step forward two back at the moment, but I will keep striving, after all the steps forward will soon build up and hopefully go to two steps forward and one back.

On Tuesday last week I went to the shop and had a chat with mum, Karen and Jill. I was out with mum and then we did a little car journey. Got home tired and a little shaky but happier.

 Then On Saturday spurred on by tuesday I decided to go to the shop for an hour for the Christmas fair, stayed longer than I thought I would but chatted to a few people, but found it very hard, did not go into the workshop area as was too many people for me to be comfortable and when the shop was filling up I needed to get out quick x 

Sunday and Monday saw two bad days. Tuesday was not so bad.

Going to go out later with a couple of friends, have not been without family since this struck. So we shall see.

Thank you for all the lovely messages I have received , be they here, facebook, through Karen, Jill, Elaine(plymouth Musketeers) and mum xx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Relax - learning how to, slowly.

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Well I am still waiting for the necessary appointments to start sorting my mind out, and making me examine how I think, do and cope in future. I am sorry but I have decided to write things down here every now and again just for me.

I thought I had turned a corner yesterday when I started the day very positively and did some household chores, went out further than I had ventured in recent days and felt not so stressed.

Then Today I have crashed and burned, went out to get the papers, and panicked as hubby suggested going to get his tyre fixed on the car. Insisting he bought me home first, I know it sounds silly but it freaked me out, so he bought me home and then he went off to kwik fit.  

I was so frustrated with myself I decided to try and make some easy cards to sell at the shops Christmas Fair in 2 weekends time.  NOT a good Idea, I sat down pulled out a stamp, ink pad and card and started to sweat and feel sick, I could not do it. The hobbie I used to adore has to wait a bit, till I have sorted myself out some.  I hope the love comes back when I am in a better frame of mind. So today is a bad day on this long road but Hey I had a good day yesterday!

So what is relaxing me - knitting.

I find sitting still knitting is allowing me to switch off from stress and worry and My wool stash is coming in useful. So on the positive side, I will be warm this winter.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

ABSENT With Permission

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Hello everyone.
Just an update for anyone reading my blog, going to my demonstrations etc. This is quite hard to write emotionally.

I have been off work for 2 weeks now, docs orders. So sadly had to cancel my demos for Crafters Companion and Creative expressions this weekend at Endsleigh Garden Centre. All companies were informed on Tuesday.

I have also not been in the shop, but know that Karen and Jill have been doing amazing.

Without going into too much detail I have a long road till I am back to ME as you know me, but I will get there. Too much has happened in the last couple of years that I am afraid has left me defeated, depressed and stressed. I have help on hand coming. so hope to return to semi normal soon.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thursdays workshop

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I have been playing again!

This is my class for Thursday, I wanted to show the ladies another use of their distress ink pads.

I love to get the most out of my products, and sometimes we forget how versatile one product can be and always seem to be chasing the latest trend!!! Which in all honesty has been around so long, but like outfits from the 60's and 80's, are now fashionable again.

Crafting can be an expensive hobby so I encourage people to get the most out of every single product they buy.


The card was made, using distress inks, circle punch, sentiment stamp, and silhouette peel offs. Oh and copy paper and cotton wool balls.

Class is full so hope they will enjoy it xx



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A little something to show and a little something to tell!!

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So yesterday saw the shop opening it's doors again on a Tuesday, this is for a trial period to see if it is viable.

A couple of people did come in, but it was very quiet, which I suppose is only to be expected for now.

But that did allow me time to make a card for a workshop.

A very simple Christmas card, these would be easy to do as a production line method, lovely for friend and acquaintances.

At last I made a card. Just hope my ladies like it.

Simple techniques of embossing, masking, colouring.

Less is more card.

Well that was something to show.

Now for something to tell, we'll at the top of my blog just underneath the heading you will see a new tab, about weight watching and running. That's where all my posts regarding those items will be. So this will page will be crafty, that page will be lifey, sometimes recipes and sometimes running and just a bit of everything in between.

That's all for now xx

Hugs xx




Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's only me!!

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Sorry I know, I know. I come on here and apologise for my absence, promise to blog more and then disappear again.

Please forgive my tardiness, but with a little help from my GP, I hope to be around a bit more and with a little more oomph!

Well I was gutted last week as afore mentioned GP ruled me out of running the Bristol Half Marathon, but after quiet contemplation I realised it was for the best. I cannot just go jumping in and book these things without any proper training or distance covered (only ran this distance twice before, once was a trail half, no training there and the other was a midnight madness half out in the middle of dartmoor, well at midnight, no training there either). Both of which were booked on a whim.

So now I am going to train properly, for a few Halfs next year.

Diet wise I have given myself a good kick up the a*** and got back on track, lost 4lb in the last 2 weeks, 3lb to go to bring me back to my goal weight.

Ooh ooh, whilst I remember looksie what I got,


It came in this mornings post and is waiting for me to try on when I get home from work. I love it.

Crafting wise, mmmmmm!!! I am getting there, I have a quilt and a jumper on the go, and cardmaking seems to be a slow resurfacing of the mojo - but it's coming along. I have a couple of ideas going on in my head that I hope to create soon, and my classes are coming together too.

That's all for today

Chat soon



Friday, 6 September 2013

This year is flying by, but time is dragging.

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I know the title of this post is a contradiction,
 but I really feel this is the case at the moment.

We are now into September, I cannot believe the summer is nearly over and the nights are drawing in.
And the weekend after next (15th September), I am away running the Bristol Half Marathon. Gulp!!!

Although time is dragging for us privately, as those of you who know me personally know and end is insight and we can move forward a little bit from Monday.

So what's been going on since my last post.

Well I had to admit I was struggling on maintenance on Weight Watchers, what with everything going on, and last Monday I went back to my meeting, took a deep breath and discovered I have to lose 7lbs to bring me back to my goal weight.  I have been good all week tracking, tracking, tracking.  Thank god I nipped it in the bud quickly, I feel a little bit better now I am not filling up on unhealthy snacks again.

Exercise wise, I must admit after my escapades on the moors, my ankles were left sore, which was a result of the uneven ground and I know the more Trail running I do the stronger they will become, I have not been a good runner, took a week of Rest,Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE), then this week decided to opt for treadmill runs to get me back running without too much stress. I went with a fellow running club member
 ( who is also one of my besties - Elaine Blake). Elaine has had a knee op and she walked on a treadmill beside me as part of her recuperation. Managed a 5km run on Monday and a 6km Run last night followed by a 4km static bike ride.

Also I am aiming to start a 30 day ab challenge.  Starting tomorrow.  Going to start on the beginners one which is:

Crafting wise, I have managed to make some cards for the shop and some workshops, but have to admit my head and heart are not in the right place at the moment. I am hoping things will improve soon and promise to share something soon. 

That's me upto date for now
so bye for now.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

OUCH!!!! and double OUCH!!!!!

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Yesterday was a lovely day in the shop. Gossiping the day away with Karen.
Cutting material for a quilt. 
Keeping on track ww wise. 
Checking in on facebook every now and again.


Then OOH! Mad decision, spur of the moment decision, when will I learn??????
On FB chatting to a friend, she says - ooh a few of us are doing a gentle bimble/jog tonight on the moor if you fancy it?
me says - might, how far?
she says - 11 miles, gentle though.
me says okay.

20 minutes pass, 
she says - don't forget your headlamp! and rain jacket.
me says - what time?
she says - meeting everyone at 9pm.

NOW any sane person, alarm bells would ring, Me NO!

me says - okay.

Fast forward it is 9 in the evening on a saturday night. I am stood in a car park in Princetown with my running gear on, water pack and a headlamp, picture a lamb to the slaughter if you like.

Off we go, running nicely, for nine miles, then it gets rocky, hilly, turfy stubs. this ensues for 3 miles,  at one point my toe connects with a thud with a protruding boulder, I slide forward, very gracefully even if I do say so myself, land on my elbows with my A**e in the air, and then we get back on flat for a mile to return to the carpark!

13, yep 13 miles, a bloomin half marathon! in the pitch black on the moors.

Despite my top right thigh and calves screaming for the last mile, the blister on my left heal, the blister on my right foot near my big toe (thanks to new trail shoes, only previously worn once by moi). Despite the Bruise on my right knee.


The photo below is my fellow Adventurers and myself, our friend Dave was taking the photo.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Still being good!!

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Well It is day 6 of being back on the WW wagon and I have been good and tracked all week.

The running is still a bit hit and miss with everything going on at home, but I am still trying to get two runs a week in. Which I did do this week, really wanted 3 but hey ho. Managed around 9 miles this week. I need to up that and do at least one 9 mile run a week for Bristol half in three weeks!

And I managed to finish a Christmas prezzie for a relly this week too. YAY!


That's it this time,




Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tough day! not! a relaxed one for a change

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Well we are at the stage of waiting around for something to happen.

We went out today, to get the ingredients for some home brew - something else for dale to focus on. Came home and put it on to brew. Yummy. Rose wine and Pear Cider brewing nicely as I type.

I have tracked and stayed within ww points today. Tonight I even managed a run.

It was running clubs Tuesday night run and we had to run up church hill, sorry it was hot and I walked it, and we had to walk  run pass a PUB!! oh the sacrifices we make.

Hey ho 5.75mile run in an hour. stayed on ww plan an an uneventful day! result!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Life goes on around us!

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Sometimes I feel like all I am doing is reporting drama and upset on this blog. I can assure you life is tough still in the Dale and Tracy household, but we are trying to battle into some kind of normality. The simplest Things make you so thankful and you learn a lot about the people in your life and what's important to you.

So the Bad, lets get it out. My father in law passed away as some of you are aware at the end of last month, due to several different factors we are still awaiting to be able to hold a funeral. Hubby is finding it very difficult to cope and that intern has a knock on effect to me, those that know us as friends will be aware who, what and why. So no need to post that here.

So the good, I have the most amazing friend network, at work in the form of Karen, her hubby John and Jill, they are constantly picking up my slack at the moment.

Elaine B despite needing a knee op, has been there for Dale and myself on the end of the Fb message system constantly, one of the nicest, kindest peeps you could wish to meet.

Then there is my BFF, Lynn C, always at the end of the phone, the nicest person I ever met in the crafting industry.

All my running buddies at my running club, you let me pound the streets talking or not talking as the days events set my mood. Encouraging this ageing bird to act like a spring chicken.

So I said to my self yesterday afternoon, we can't fix it all right now, but we sure as hell ain't going to let everything slide and let it get any worse.

So I pulled on my Trail shoes (off road trainers), got Oscars lead on him and we went on a little run. 4.17 miles through lanes and wood. Happy afternoon, yay!! Dale snoozed whilst we were out, double Yay!

I can control my fitness.

Today sees me getting back on track with my healthy eating regime - things have been sliding since about a month before my daughters wedding. I WILL NOT let that weight back on, I worked to bloomin hard to get it off.

So everything, has been weighed pointed and tracked today.

This blog is now going to be a more personal experience for me, to log my good days, bad days, running days and races. Diet days and treat days.

With some crafty makes thrown in along the way.

So my main reason to smile today.

Oscar dog

You make me laugh, all the time without fail!




Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My other passion - running!

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Over the last year, I have had a new passion growing in me. What is IT? Well it may surprise some of you to know that after losing all my weight I took up running.

This Sunday I competed in my first ever Trail (off road) half marathon. It was a tough race for me but I loved it and know now what areas I need to improve on.

I am so lucky to belong to a great running club in Plymouth known as Plymouth Musketeers running club.

They are such a friendly group of people of mixed abilities. If you have an interest in running and would like to join a club in Plymouth I cannot think of a better club.

28 of us set off for salisbury at the weekend to do the 54321 trail run. Aptly called this as The Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Trail Marathon is so-called because the 50K race includes 5 rivers, 4 hills, 3 large country estates, 2 castles, and 1 cathedral. You also have the option of a 10k,21km, 30km, 42km,or 50km runs or walks.


I opted for the 21km or 13.46 miles(just over half marathon) with 3 others. Kerry Jackson, Emily Simmons and Kathy weaver gore, these girls have been a huge encouragement to me and I could never have seen me doing this without our Thursday night club run, along with all the other members.

I finished it in 2 hours 51 minutes and 22 seconds, whilst I did not break any records, I did for me and I am chuffed.

The four of us before the run



And after.

I am a happy bunny xx


Friday, 2 August 2013

Might just be finding my mojo!

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I know don't, tell anyone as it may go into hiding again.

I have not been feeling the love for crafting at all lately.

As a diehard stamper and general crafter for nearly 12 years now, things started to feel a little stale.

Nothing really new has come onto the market to wow me! A stamp is a stamp is a stamp. A die is a die is a die. Do you know what I mean? How many different papers can you possibly justify having.

But this week, we had another sad incident, not going into it as I have decided to try to post a happy post for a change LOL!!

I digress this incident saw me being indoors a lot being there for my husband, and I wandered upto my craft space and sat.

The first day I just sat and sighed, and looked around at my stash, pulled out the guillotine a piece of paper, made a cut and nothing came no juices flowed.

Second day, up I went again, and thought mmm! Anything but a card! So I set to making a mini album, and I made a template of it. Surprise surprise, I loved it. So a workshop for September was born.



Inspired I went on, now I know it's only August but my mind turned to December, we always do unusual workshops and makes for December in the shop and I happily played, with a piece of chipboard and some hooks from B&Q. October workshop planned.


My mind is racing at the moment with a few other makes, and the beauty is although I cannot be in my shop :-( I can work from home and feel like I am not letting anybody down.

(I put so much pressure on myself - my daughter sums me up as a people pleaser. I have to say yes to everybody regardless, I feel if I say I cannot do something people won't like me anymore).

So this week I learnt, I may not be in the shop as I am comforting my husband, but to be honest I have done more work for the shop in these two days, than I would normally get done all week actually being in. Go Figure. More to the point being out of a shop full of craft stash looking at it all and getting overwhelmed what to do, being away with limited supplies made my creativity kick in.

Long may it continue.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sorry it has been so long!

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Well I know it has been a very long time since my last post on here!

But I did have good reason, along with a lot of bad stuff that has been going on in my life, I had a very important occasion taking place. Which took presidence over everything else. Work, running, dieting and card making all went on hold!

My very beautiful daughter Jo was planning to marry.

This took place at Borringdon hall on Saturday 20th July 2013


Here is the bride in preparation


my new son in law Lee and Jo


Then Jo, Me, my hubby Dale and our other daughter Sarah


Two pics for my crafty friends the decoration and table plan xx




There is still bad stuff going on with the sad news of my father in law having terminal cancer, and awaiting the final day soon.

However we really enjoyed this wonderful day and I hope to return to the crafty world soon as a demonstrator and design team member x

Hugs to you all

Tracy xxx


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Excuse me! Just dusting a way a few cobwebs.

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Well its been a while since I posted on here.

I did do a demo on Sunday, and sold out across the board of indigo blu products. So new order placed of more goodies to arrive this week. Yes more new stamps lol.

But bad girl that is am I did not take one single photo, will try to get some this week to share with you.

I have made a crochet hat though, was going to be for me but really think it would suit my mum better lol! So a prezzie for her now.


So this week sees me really back on track with eating healthy, 2lbs lost so only 3lbs to get me back down to my goal weight, still happily maintaining (10 months at this weight now). Feeling very much healthier and in control.

Went swimming before work yesterday at a nice slow pace just to stretch and recover muscles, then went circuit training last night.

I have a day off today, so off to town with hubby later, he needs to get out of the house today.

Better go he is waiting as I Type.

Catch you all laters


Thursday, 28 March 2013

So excited,

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Long time no speak so sorry everybody but things happening at home.

I have just popped on here today to tell you all that the 2nd issue of Crafters Companion Inspiration Magazine is now out and I have made the front cover no less!


The little ballerina was a dream to colour.

Head on over to their website today to get your copy.

Hugs xxx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bloglovin follow me!

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<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/5086755/?claim=bejuc4469xw">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Well rumour has it we are soon to loose the blogger followers section on here, ad I would hate to loose my followers or the blogs I follow.

So I have joined bloglovin which will help you all to read your blogs you love and keep your followers.

Don't forget to do it, to keep up with your favourites xxx


Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunday family time yesterday

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It does not happen as often as I would like!

I love my daughters so much, but due to their jobs, we cannot get together much at weekends, but I made it a personal mission, that if they are not working on a Sunday, they come to mine for Sunday roast.

This weekend saw my eldest daughter and her fiancé free, so invited them down for roast chicken, youngest daughter had a staff meeting and could not make it :-(

So she was not left out, I cut out a meal for her and sent it home with them, they house share you see.

Any hoo! Joanne bought down the most lovely homemade apple crumble to pop in the oven to warm through, it was scrummy and yes we had custard too!


They were all laughing at me as, I have not had homemade crumble for over two years due to the fact I was losing my six stone, and we don't do desserts normally.

I enjoyed every blooming mouthful, and then we sat and sorted out the evening invites for their forthcoming nuptials.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Today sees me getting back on track to lose the couple of pounds I put on the last few months and getting back excercising, day 1 of 30 day shred done xx


A poignant day, but good time too.

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Well today was a final goodbye to uncle Jack as we were interning his ashes today.

Although a sad occasion it was a happy day, as seeing my cousins and Aunty Val was lovely, after the internment, we all went out for a lovely meal to celebrate Aunty Vals 80th birthday, as this slipped by quietly last month, as she was not ready.

I love spending times with these guys, Aunty Val and Uncle Jack had 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl (Shirley for her own reasons could not make today). But those boys are so naughty when they are together, but you know what I really would not have them any other way!

Lovely afternoon of teasing and leg pulling, just Perfick!!!


Friday, 15 March 2013

O . M . G !!! I am In Heaven

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Today at work we had a delivery of Indigo Blu Stamps and Flitter glu and Mega Flakes.

Now I had never played with any of this companies products before - just lusted after the stamps.

Well I was so excited when the products came in I just had to bring them home to play - would be rude not too right?


This is my very first attempt and I am I'm LOOOOOVVRE!

Going to play some more later on this weekend but just had to show you all.

Here is a close up! To show the 3d work I got going on.



Then from above to show how it will look on a card (which I will make this weekend),

I just love how the light has caught the gilding flakes.


Off now as I have to spend some quality time with my pupster.



Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mini album tutorial x

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Okay this tutorial has taken me a while to put together, time has been a premium these last couple of weeks, so I do hope you can follow along.

If not please feel free to ask questions.

Okay first up you will need

2 pieces of chipboard / Kraft card 6" x 6"

1 piece of chipboard / Kraft card 6" x 2"

1 Piece of white printer card 6" x 6"

NB: I have used different colour tapes just to help you see where to put the tape.



1) take the 6" x 2" piece as shown

2) Tape up


3) stick centrally onto white card


4) tape up


5) Place and stick 6" x 6" kraft card as shown leaving a 1/4" gap from spine

6) Repeat on other side


7) turn this constructed piece over and tape as shown.


You will now need

1 piece of decorative paper for the spine 8" x 4"

2 pieces of decorative paper 8" x 8" for the covers

Washi tape or ribbon


1) Take your decorative spine paper and stick as shown making sure to place it as central as possible.




2) now stick on your decorative paper for the covers onto either side,

just slightly overlapping spine paper by 1/4".

3) If using washi tape or ribbon adhere in place now to hide the join of the papers.



4) turn over again, and tape and cut corners as shown.

5) peel away DST backing and fold paper in and stick down


Put the outer album to one side.

We will now make the spine to attach pages to later on.

You will need a piece of decorative paper 12" wide x 5 3/4" high.

Score down 12" width at 1 1/8" in from left edge. Then from this line score across the width in a pattern of, 1/2", 1/2",1/4",1/2",1/2",1/4" repeat till you are 1 1/8" from the right hand edge.

1) On the back of this piece we will then tape up the first 1/2" gap of each repeat

2) Your 12" x 5 3/4" piece of paper will look like this on the back

3) Peel away backing of tape, and fold 1/2" section onto themselves

your piece will now look like this

Okay let me pin it down and show you the right side, lol!

Each of the little peaks need to have double side placed on either side,

Sorry you can just see it in the photo below,

this is ready to attach the pages in later, but first we need to put it into our album


1) turn over and tape as shown, lots of tape is essential.

2) this now needs to be placed inside our base album,

making sure to take care it is placed even and dead centre, left, right, top and bottom,

the page peeks fitting nicely onto the 2" spine Kraft card.

3) Take 2 pieces of matching cardstock 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" and adhere to inside covers.


This is your base album almost complete, all you need to do now is create the pages,

I have used 8 x 5 3/4" x 5 3/4 inch scalloped cards for mine.


1) cut each card in half on the score line.

Then tape one piece as shown, and stick a matching piece on top. Repeat for the rest of the card pieces.

We leave the straight edge open to attach to the peeks of our spine, and the top scallops open to leave a pocket for a tag.

Optional step: if you want an additional pocket, take another 4 scalloped cards, cut in half down the spine and then each half piece, in half again across the middle, you will have 16 pieces as pictured below.

Tape sides and bottom and attach to either side of your pages at the bottom.


Now to assemble in the album, take double sided tape off of either side of your peaks, open up straight edge of pages and place peak in between and press down.

Repeat with each page, it is easier if you decorate the pages as you go.


My finished album



The one I have created would be great for cupcake recipes and other bakes.

I have used Dove crafts cupcake boutique range for my example.

Would make a great memory album though all grungy and distressed.

I hope you understand my instructions and enjoy making this album.

Please be kind to link to my tutorial if you share your makes on your blogs,

and give me a shout as I would love to see what you make.



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