Sunday, 6 October 2013

ABSENT With Permission

Posted by tracy watkiss at 09:53
Hello everyone.
Just an update for anyone reading my blog, going to my demonstrations etc. This is quite hard to write emotionally.

I have been off work for 2 weeks now, docs orders. So sadly had to cancel my demos for Crafters Companion and Creative expressions this weekend at Endsleigh Garden Centre. All companies were informed on Tuesday.

I have also not been in the shop, but know that Karen and Jill have been doing amazing.

Without going into too much detail I have a long road till I am back to ME as you know me, but I will get there. Too much has happened in the last couple of years that I am afraid has left me defeated, depressed and stressed. I have help on hand coming. so hope to return to semi normal soon.


Jill said...

Just sending love Tracy. X said...

Hope you feel better soon Tracy. Love Alison xxx

Lainey said...

Here's hoping you get back to your normal self soon xx

Cath said...

Tracy just remember you are not alone my love even though you may feel as if you are at this point. We all care about you and are here if you need us. Just rest, take time out for yourself and I am sure you will be back to yourself in time. Lots of love and hugs love Cathy Rumball xx

Gordon said...

hi sweetums! on happy pills myself at the mo, working, getting better! commonest reason to go to the doc. you are not only not alone, but the way things are going 'normal' people will be in the minority !!! Gordon (aka gordie-john)


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