Saturday, 27 September 2014

Jo's gone home!

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Well My daughter came and went in a whirlwind of a visit.

Monday Night we picked Lee & herself up from the train station and delivered them back to our youngest daughters house as their base. They were late arriving and very tired as Jo had finished a night shift that morning. Then I went to work.


Up for work at 5.45am and then finished at 11am, Picked up the family and went to visit the lovely Jo Phillips a school friend of my Jo, whom had just given birth to Twins Leo and Layla (well 3 weeks ago). We ooed and ahhed for over 4 hours, They really are the most scrummiest babes.

Then we all went out for a carvery and then home to rest.


Not much happened on Wednesday as far as I recall! other than work at 5pm till 9.15, ooh no I lie. Dale and I took a trip out to Tavistock, nope that may have been Monday morning. what did I do today - I HAVE NO BLOOMIN IDEA!!


A busy one, Up for a swim with Mum, then back to get family and off to Paignton for the mid day, slots and cranes along the pier as always, small fish and chip lunch a wander along, then home for a quick rest, took Jo and Lee back to the train station and Dale and I needed to kill an hour before I was due at Elaines house for a Juicing session. So we were very naughty and went to Burger King for tea, I much prefer this fast food joint to any other. It was lovely to eat a Whopper Meal. Then onto Elaines.

It was so informative and lovely. Elaine was the hostest, guest were myself, Nova and Debbie and Sharon was the juicing master (an old school friend of mine). Sharon is very tiny and just glows with health and happiness and she puts it all down to juicing and Jason Vale/Joe Cross.

Well I know I have lost weight with WW and exercise, I still have many health issues, Tiredness, really bad stress and anxiety levels, even rare indegestion attacks that see me throwing up and passing out (feels similar to heart attacks).

So I thought lets go and see what this is all about - It made a lot of sense, now you can detox on it, you can use it as a meal replacement, or you can add it to your healthy eating regime for a nutritious boost.

I was going to do the 7 day detox starting Friday.


Up and went and swam a Mile.

Green tea.
First Juice - Yummy

Went shopping to get all ingredients and algae and wheatgrass powder.

Another juice for lunch, Mid afternoon and 5pm whilst working 5-9.15pm, came home stressed out and not hungry at all, but needing to chew, had a chest pain also so decided to eat a lite sandwich and a banana and a packet of crisp.

Did not feel guilty, as I had in my eyes been sensible.


I am up not hungry - 2lbs lighter today.
Had my first juice - Lemon Ginger Zinger - it is lush!!
I am working 12 - 6 so will have a juice before I go for my lunch and maybe another whilst I am working.
Then home for shopping, Fajitas and Strictly.

With my work schedules I have decided as finishing late at night - I suffer to eat a main meal on arriving home to stick with a juice for brekkie, healthy meals when I am home to eat them and juices for evening meals or lunches when I am working at those times x

To see if I get any benefits at all. Nothing Ventured - Nothing gained

Monday, 22 September 2014

So far so good.

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Today as I get ready for my shift at 5pm till 9.15pm I am on track for a very good day.

I have 15 pro points left for when I come home for my evening meal.
I have swam a mile (breast stroke - slow)
I have ran 1.86 miles on my treadmill as a tempo run - then realised it should have been temp intervals LOL!!! well same difference.

I have picked up my eldest daughter and son in law from the train station as they are down for 3 days visiting - Lovely Jubbly. Happy Happy Mummy!

Time to get back to me!

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I have had the strangest couple of weeks,

I went away on holiday with my youngest daughter and when I came home it was like returning to some kind of twilight zone.
 Things were the same, but were they??
 Everything seemed just a little bit different.

Could not quite put my finger on it, but things were definitely different. I went from being very euphoric at being home from a lovely holiday to being really down and sad at things that appeared to have changed. So I ate!

Then I kicked myself about a bit and realised a wedding I was invited too was fast approaching so no point dieting until after that so I ate some more.

I have come to realise, when things start to go wrong in whatever field in my life - I blame me!!

If work is not good - I am bad at my job so must leave.
If family and friends disagree/ argue / or stay away - I must have done something wrong and agree with everyone to keep the peace, and do what they want to do rather than what I want. This really seems to piss my husband off.

So from today it stops. I have made a little rule - It is okay to be selfish and do what I need to do. I will still see family and friends and they will still see me if they want to, but on 50/50 terms.

Add this too the fact that I am now back tracking Pro Points and exercising things should see me being strong again.

Another thing is that I have decided to give up booze, may not be for ever but no more am I going to drink for drinking sake because everyone else is - I really don't like it! It makes me feel yuck and that I have consumed something my body does not like. Not hungover at all, but really bloated and uncomfortable. So I am attempting a tee total life. So that's where I am at. Back to losing a stone in weight, for Christmas. Off for a swim now with my MUM xx Laters x

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