So where am I?

Waiting for things to start happening can be a frustration in itself - it leads to chest tightening and faster breaths, I have learnt deep breathing helps.

The good news is the little fighter voice is coming back into my head, like a little mantra. I will return to work, I will return to crafting, I will return to running and Plymouth Musketeers R C.  Its not every day, still the nasty voice keeps saying you can't, you won't etc. Like two little ninjas fighting it out, on average the nasty voice wins a lot but the little good fighting Ninja will  come out on top and stay on top one day, and we will say take that depression, stress and anxiety.  Rest assured I am not mad and am thankful for all the good things and people in my life, supporting me.

My eldest daughter left Plymouth with her new husband on Monday to start their new life in Telford. Was a very sad day indeed. They will have so many more opportunities up there and  we hope to see them again soon. This sees my youngest daughter living on her own for the first time ever. Life goes on around even though I am stood still LOL!


Glad to see you fighting back Tracy. Sending you big fat juicy hugs. Love Alison xx
Jill said…
Ooh Tracy, good to hear that positivity again. Jill x
Karen Hoskin said…
Great to hear the more positive comments - keep fighting BFF
Vicki said…
Glad to hear you are moving forward with little steps. Praying for your recovery because I sure miss your creativity!