Monday, 31 March 2014

A Bright and Shiny new week!!

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I really cannot believe we are almost into April already.

I seem to have missed a quarter of this year in a blurry fog. 

Things are turning a corner though with many things changing as we approach spring and I for one am thinking Its time to see  positivity return to my life.

This weekend was a weekend of spending time with some really special people in my Life.

Saturday was A vintage fair with my friend Elaine (Nova was away on fieldwork so we were a man down.)

 Elaine and I had to soldier on and we browsed the stalls, looking at some truly lovely clothes and Jewellery. We both fell in love with a really Funky skirt (not vintage though???) Laughed at the typical weird, wacky and inspiring designs from some Fashion students. 

I was shown how to pick colours of clothes for my skin tone and make my eyes pop. Followed by a spot of lunch and then dress trying with our new found knowledge.

Sunday was mothers day and the main part of the day was spent very quietly, we popped to the cemetery to put flowers down for hubby's mum. Home for lunch and then at around 6pm I was skyped by my eldest daughter was lovely to see her. (Modern technology is fab for this). Then My mum, Philip, Sarah (youngest daughter) and Elaine came around for a chinese. My daughters had clubbed together and bought me the most amazing present a Nikon coolpix L820 bridge camera. WOW!!! I can not wait to start seeing what it does, it is going to be a huge learning curve for me. Something to get my teeth into. (anybody know of any photo courses going - may need them?)

Well I have had a quick go:

my Oscar

Drakes Island (I was stood on Plymouth Hoe on the main Road)

 Elaines flowers she gave me xxx

Friday, 28 March 2014

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I am still around, I have good days, I have bad days, I have no panic attacks, I have a big panic attacks. This seems to be the cycle of my life right now. I am learning to recognise the signs and admit whats happening. Last night I learnt to show those fears to my two closest friends and our exercise punisher. Where would I be without them and my family x

Decisions are being made around me, about me, some with me, some without me,  some I am totally happy with some I am not. But you know what, that's life isn't it. 

Now when I was younger I loved Dr Seuss and I used to read them to my daughters. This quote sprang to mind last night when I was deciding what I was going to do this weekend. I have made the decision to have happy girls day out time with a friend tomorrow and share Sunday with my family. I need to focus my mind on my health and happiness this weekend.

I promise I will try to post more, as I am slowly coming back to crafting. As proof here is a little thing I made this week xx

Thanks for being there peeps. Hugs

Monday, 24 March 2014

My Amazing Support Network BF's

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I went out last night for a lovely carvery with the loveliest of people, these ladies have seen me through the best and worst times lately.
 Along with Dale my hubby and Gary - Elaine's hubby we had a lots of laughter.

This week they have been there for me faultlessly as I needed to refocus my life unexpectedly, but I am sure it will all come good. While life sends me trials it is giving someone else a rest.

Elaine and Nova, Love you guys xxx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I have been quiet! Vita perseverat.(life goes on)

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Hello, I have had 2 good weeks, I made it into the shop a couple of times. Was able to socialize at ease, spent valuable time with family and friends. Managed gym and even managed weight watchers last night, bit of a shock there but what went on will come off. I have had more important issues to deal with and still do.

Went to the doctors yesterday and I am going in the right direction, but have to admit I always feel worse after going docs and to therapy. It seems to knock me down. Never mind  I am getting there.

I know I have not posted questions lately as I had thought I was better and  being to maudlin on this blog, but you quickly learn better than I was is not depression and anxiety free and this blog helps me sort my head out. So back to it.

1) Dog or cat person?

Dog hands down without question
Dogs sense when you want cuddles, cats demand cuddles when they want them.
Dogs will take any treat you give them and are so grateful, cats turn their noses up.
Dogs welcome you home wholeheartedly like a long lost friend every time you go out, cats meaow at you angrily for not being there to serve them.
Dogs love long walks and jumping in puddles. Cats nadda.

2) Lots of friends or a select few?

I used to want everyone to like me, hence the way I am now. As I have soul searched my self worth I have realised I only have a few really close friends. My inner circle for venting, crying at happy or sad news, screaming in frustration, laughing at my own stupidity.Quality over quantity every time xxx


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