Mini album tutorial x

Okay this tutorial has taken me a while to put together, time has been a premium these last couple of weeks, so I do hope you can follow along.

If not please feel free to ask questions.

Okay first up you will need

2 pieces of chipboard / Kraft card 6" x 6"

1 piece of chipboard / Kraft card 6" x 2"

1 Piece of white printer card 6" x 6"

NB: I have used different colour tapes just to help you see where to put the tape.



1) take the 6" x 2" piece as shown

2) Tape up


3) stick centrally onto white card


4) tape up


5) Place and stick 6" x 6" kraft card as shown leaving a 1/4" gap from spine

6) Repeat on other side


7) turn this constructed piece over and tape as shown.


You will now need

1 piece of decorative paper for the spine 8" x 4"

2 pieces of decorative paper 8" x 8" for the covers

Washi tape or ribbon


1) Take your decorative spine paper and stick as shown making sure to place it as central as possible.




2) now stick on your decorative paper for the covers onto either side,

just slightly overlapping spine paper by 1/4".

3) If using washi tape or ribbon adhere in place now to hide the join of the papers.



4) turn over again, and tape and cut corners as shown.

5) peel away DST backing and fold paper in and stick down


Put the outer album to one side.

We will now make the spine to attach pages to later on.

You will need a piece of decorative paper 12" wide x 5 3/4" high.

Score down 12" width at 1 1/8" in from left edge. Then from this line score across the width in a pattern of, 1/2", 1/2",1/4",1/2",1/2",1/4" repeat till you are 1 1/8" from the right hand edge.

1) On the back of this piece we will then tape up the first 1/2" gap of each repeat

2) Your 12" x 5 3/4" piece of paper will look like this on the back

3) Peel away backing of tape, and fold 1/2" section onto themselves

your piece will now look like this

Okay let me pin it down and show you the right side, lol!

Each of the little peaks need to have double side placed on either side,

Sorry you can just see it in the photo below,

this is ready to attach the pages in later, but first we need to put it into our album


1) turn over and tape as shown, lots of tape is essential.

2) this now needs to be placed inside our base album,

making sure to take care it is placed even and dead centre, left, right, top and bottom,

the page peeks fitting nicely onto the 2" spine Kraft card.

3) Take 2 pieces of matching cardstock 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" and adhere to inside covers.


This is your base album almost complete, all you need to do now is create the pages,

I have used 8 x 5 3/4" x 5 3/4 inch scalloped cards for mine.


1) cut each card in half on the score line.

Then tape one piece as shown, and stick a matching piece on top. Repeat for the rest of the card pieces.

We leave the straight edge open to attach to the peeks of our spine, and the top scallops open to leave a pocket for a tag.

Optional step: if you want an additional pocket, take another 4 scalloped cards, cut in half down the spine and then each half piece, in half again across the middle, you will have 16 pieces as pictured below.

Tape sides and bottom and attach to either side of your pages at the bottom.


Now to assemble in the album, take double sided tape off of either side of your peaks, open up straight edge of pages and place peak in between and press down.

Repeat with each page, it is easier if you decorate the pages as you go.


My finished album



The one I have created would be great for cupcake recipes and other bakes.

I have used Dove crafts cupcake boutique range for my example.

Would make a great memory album though all grungy and distressed.

I hope you understand my instructions and enjoy making this album.

Please be kind to link to my tutorial if you share your makes on your blogs,

and give me a shout as I would love to see what you make.



Karen said…
wow looks fab are you doing classes for this in the shop?
Tracy said…
I can do but will probably be in May xx
Hello said…
This is fabulous Tracy and you've inspired me to have a go at making one for myself hun.....I love it hun.
Hugz, Lorraine xx
Unknown said…
love it..thanks for the tutorial.its brilliant...x
julie_woolston said…
Fantastic tutorial Tracy, a gorgeous finished album.

Hugs Julie xx
Sylvia said…
Fabulouse tutorial, will be giving this a try myself.

Sylvia x
Crafty Bloggers Network DT Team
Debbie x said…
Oh Wow Tracy this is awesome, will certainly be giving it a go! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Debbie x
Tracy said…
Cannot wait to see what you all make xx
Linda Simpson said…
WOW Tracy, this is fabulous and when I have time LOL I will give this a go. Great Tutorial too.

Linda xxx
jane stillman said…
A great tutorial and fabulous finished project
Cath said…
This is stunning Tracey. Thanks for taking the tie to show us how its done xxxxxx
Great tutorial for lovely work :-) Elaine-xxx-
ddazzled71 said…
What a cute album and fabulous tutorial. TFS xx
Miradormakings said…
Brilliant album and great tutorial thanks for sharing.

Joan x
Kate M said…
This is a super project and a really concise tutorial - thanks for sharing.
Gwyneth said…
Fantastic papercraft project and a very clear pictorial tutorial. I love your finished mini album.
Gwyneth said…
A great papercraft project and a really clear pictorial tutorial. I love your finished mini-album.
sandy said…
Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I was wondering if you could tell me the measurements for the top loading pocket insert and for the tags. Thanks again Sandy
Tracy said…
Hi Sandy,

I think the tags and inserts were around 3.5" wide by 4" long xx
Rhonda said…
I really love this tutorial. I have been gathering idea's for about a month now to begin my first album. So I have lots of questions and hope you can help direct me. If my questions get to long for this one post, I"ll break it into several if that is ok.
First question. What is the best weight of chipboard for the cover and back of an album?
Rhonda said…
Second Question: What is the tape you used? Is it just any old double sided tape or is there some that work better then other's that you suggest?
Rhonda said…
Third Question: Is it possible to print out your own paper design rather then buying pre-printed paper?
And if so, is there a particular type of paper, weight, or finish that is best choice?
Rhonda said…
Next question: What is Washi tape? I hear about it a lot, but really don't understand what it is. Is it just a decorated tape? A light weight tape? or maybe a super sticky decorative tape?
Rhonda said…
Last question: On the spine that holds the pages, and on some of the pockets would it be ok to use a light weight card stock and cover it with decorative paper - or would it be to bulky?
Rhonda said…
I want to thank you for your time and hope all my questions have not been to much a bother. I am SUPER excited to start making mini albums of my own. I am just very confused on materials to use and weights of these things, etc. Before I start to purchase supplies, I want to make sure I'm getting the right stuff. I also think I need a scoring board - any suggestions of what to look for ? And something to cut chipboard? Is there anything else that is a MUST have?
Thank you again - any help will be Deeply Appreciated.
Tracy said…
Hi Rhonda, happy to help. I used a kraft card stock for the covers around 300gsm. or you can buy Mount board in a art supply shop or if you have a picture framers near by they may have offcuts they would like gone. I use the Tonic Studios Large Guillotine for cutting.
2.The main tape I used is one that you can buy in most craft shops with a red backing it is stronger than normal double double sided tape and holds things together better.
3.You can off course print out your own decorative papers, you can buy online digitals downloads from designers, design your own if you have software, or buy cd roms from designers such as Crafters Companion, this company also brings me onto question 4. Papers - this company sells a wide range of papers suitable for printing, including a lightweight card and satin smooth paper which is lovely for printing on. My spine was a normal decorative paper.
5. Washi tape is a purely decorative light tape slightly transparent, you could always use ribbon instead.
Finally to cut chipboard - it comes down to pencil, ruler and kraft knife, although the guillotine I mentioned earlier can handle it, you need strength to push the blade through.
scoring board I use Crafters companion have just launched an A3 one which will be enough for any size project. It also has cm on one side and inches on the other.

Hope this helps. xxx Tracy xxx
Rhonda said…
Hi Tracy, I appreciate your taking the time to answer my many questions.
You've helped tremendously. Thank you so very much. : )
Tracy said…
NO problem at all, you are very welcome x
Samar said…
one of the best ever tutorials thanks alot .
Tracey said…
Second time I have used your tutorial to make a mini album. Better than the first time too as I understood it all. I just want to say a big thank you for taking the time to write this, its wonderful. I will send you pics of the finished albums, as soon as they are both completely finished (got to be done in 2 weeks time).

Tracey x
KiwiGenie said…
Wow Tracy, just beautiful. Please can you tell me how you got your scalloped pages, did you cut them yourself or buy them, not seen them here in New Zealand.
Tracy said…
Hi Michelle

We can actually buy scalloped card blanks in the UK and I used these, failing that Tonic Studios do a punch system where you can create a scallop edge.

Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this. I have spent all day trying to find a tute like this. Simple, easy to understand, it's so great. It's much easier than all the you tube videos I watched today.
Unknown said…
Very well done! Thank you for posting this!
Great tutorial thank you