Saturday, 24 August 2013

Still being good!!

Posted by tracy watkiss at 10:09

Well It is day 6 of being back on the WW wagon and I have been good and tracked all week.

The running is still a bit hit and miss with everything going on at home, but I am still trying to get two runs a week in. Which I did do this week, really wanted 3 but hey ho. Managed around 9 miles this week. I need to up that and do at least one 9 mile run a week for Bristol half in three weeks!

And I managed to finish a Christmas prezzie for a relly this week too. YAY!


That's it this time,





Jill said...

Looking good Tracy! Talk about getting ahead with Christmas still 124 days away!!! Jill x said...

Glad you're back on the wagon and running again Tracy you need to give me a good talking to. Hope to see you back in the shop soon. Love Ali xx


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