Sunday family time yesterday

It does not happen as often as I would like!

I love my daughters so much, but due to their jobs, we cannot get together much at weekends, but I made it a personal mission, that if they are not working on a Sunday, they come to mine for Sunday roast.

This weekend saw my eldest daughter and her fiancé free, so invited them down for roast chicken, youngest daughter had a staff meeting and could not make it :-(

So she was not left out, I cut out a meal for her and sent it home with them, they house share you see.

Any hoo! Joanne bought down the most lovely homemade apple crumble to pop in the oven to warm through, it was scrummy and yes we had custard too!


They were all laughing at me as, I have not had homemade crumble for over two years due to the fact I was losing my six stone, and we don't do desserts normally.

I enjoyed every blooming mouthful, and then we sat and sorted out the evening invites for their forthcoming nuptials.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Today sees me getting back on track to lose the couple of pounds I put on the last few months and getting back excercising, day 1 of 30 day shred done xx



Bernie Simmons said…
:) Lovely heartwarming post xxx