Friday, 31 January 2014

Oops nearly forgot to do my challenge post!

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The questions today are the same but different,

What 5 things irritate you about men?

1) That they don't open up to anyone about their true feelings - instead they bottle it all up. Why? It's not good for anybody to do this.

2) They leave it too late to go get serious medical conditions looked at by a doctor, so it's uncomfortable or embarrassing, but it's better than the alternative surely.

3) leaving the toilet seat up, I don't get it, is it really so difficult to at least put one lid back down. I don't mind putting it down, but every single time they leave it up.

4) Not paying attention to what we say, and then saying, you never asked me to that, told me about that, etc etc.

5) man flu - Nuff said !!!!!!


What 5 things irritate you about women?

1) How critical we are of ourselves. We always want to improve something, change something about ourselves.

2) Over Fakeness - I mean, boobs, nails, eyelashes, tans, hair extensions. Don't get me wrong any one on its own can be okay if done subtly, but all together and done to much really!!!

3) Slaves to fashion - do some women not look at what they look like in their clothes before going out. Clothes don't have to be expensive to look tidy, fit, clean etc. really thongs, too tight and low slung jeans with a builders bum is not a good luck, neither are leggings stretched so tight people can see the colour of your underwear. ( now I sound like my nan, and I am only 43!)

4) shouting, swearing and fighting in the street, ladies is just wrong okay?

5) Bitchieness - not nice, (oh please ignore post, 2,3 & 4 how bitchy of me! LOL!)

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Was not expecting that today,

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I went on an outing to Tesco today, I know I lead such an exciting life at the moment, whilst there I thought it would at least look at the paper craft magazines to see what was going on in the crafting world at the moment.

Simply cards and paper craft caught my eye, because they had a prima paper stack free, which I thought was unusually a rather nice freebie, and then I noticed the free set of prima stamps too. Well those that know me, know I have a weakness for rose stamps, and yes there was a lovely little rose stamp in the set. Worth the £4.99 price tag then for the mag ( which to be honest was not that great for inspiration). That may just me though as I still have not got the love back yet, for cardmaking.

Dale looked at me like I had lost the plot, I could see him thinking, she will never do anything with it. Well up until the moment I came home I would probably have agreed, but to my surprise I sat down at my craft table for the first proper time in months, and the sweats and anxiety were only slightly present.

So I made a really simple card.

The mother sentiment was from another set of stamps. I am just glad I managed something. Hopefully it might lead to more, who knows, only time will tell, but it is a little hope.

Here it is





My challenge post today!

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Okay straight to the challenge post today, as its too early to report on my day today.

What do you wear to bed?

My husband - HA HA HA!! - No seriously, I tend to be a very warm person at night, so in the words of Marilyn Monroe's famous quote " Chanel no5" I would Have to "opium" my perfume. Unless it is very cold or staying over at a friends house then it has to be my onsie.

Your Views on Religion?

Now I was christened, but I do not practice. In all honesty whilst I do not wish to offend any one who practices any religion. I know a lot of people find a lot of inner peace from their beliefs, but to me it has a lot to add to the world problems at presents, most battles in today's society in my humble opinion have a lot to do with religions not practising what they preach about living in harmony, side by side regardless of beliefs/religion. Each to their own.

Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Support me, I'll support you.  Be horrible to me, I'll still try to be nice to you. Hurt me, and you are out of my life. This is my religion.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Phew Day 3!

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Well what can I say today.

Today I got up and went to the shop and did half a day, it was lovely as Karen, Jill and I actually chatted about the shop, future things and we also giggled. 

Home now after being naughty and having a pasty for lunch as it was late (oops).

Feeling a little bit positive today. :-)

So today's challenge questions?

What Kind Of person Attracts You?

MMM!! Caring and compassionate, friendly, loyal, funny. Enjoy the same hobbies etc. Thats what attracts me to others as friends.

When it comes to men, the traits above are similar as I prefer what's on the inside, to what's on the outside. Now if its on looks, I am drawn to dark hair, dark eyes and a strong jaw line, eyes that actually smile. I also like to feel that a man will put his arms around you to protect you when needed, but allow you the freedom to spend time with friends when needed too. Which is why I am in Luck, I married Dale who manages all of these at some time or other.

Your Views on Drugs and alchohol?

Well depends on what drugs? Medication tablets if its needed its needed. Marijuana for health reasons as I believe it helps in some medical conditions, should be given through the health service in a controlled way.

I do not condone drug taking at all in any other way. I abhor it.

Alcohol - to me its okay. I would love to say I only ever drink in moderation, but I admit to several parties where I have been sozzled, well and truly. But to be fair, I don't drink on a daily,weekly or monthly basis. The last time I had a drink was New Years Eve. I will have a drink this Saturday as I am going to a friends house to stay, Girlie night in. 
I do find it hard to see how it can effect others and how it becomes addictive to them. 
To me binge drinking in the younger generations happens because of the total Not until you are old enough thing, as it then becomes taboo with parents and a rebellious thing. I think we should educate our children with a small glass of wine with a meal if it is  a special occasion  and with the parents knowledge and consent.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day two of blog challenge

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Now be patient with me today, its a tough day. I have, been asked why I put this stuff here, well it is not necessarily for you all to read, it is more about me getting it out of my head, but if it helps others in my predicament realise they are not alone, all the better! I love the comfort and support blogging gives and comes back in ten fold. I don't mean to offend, hurt or embarrass anyone, but on the other hand I don't want the same back.

I awoke 7.45am to the sound of my mum knocking the door to discover I had overslept, (we had an early morning swim planned to see if that would get me moving for the day ahead.) We still went and we did 18 lengths at a very nice pace, as I had to be home for 9.15am.

Then It was off to Counselling, not for me this time but Hubby to help him to get over losing both parents so soon, one after the other.

Then Home for a Quick Lunch before I go say goodbye to a dear friends mum. (Yes another Funeral).

Enough waffle!

Back to the Challenge!

How have you Changed in the last 2 years!

OMG! where do I start. I am 6 stone lighter for beginners, I like exercise now too. I have the most amazing and caring people in my life. Four of which I Will protect fiercely: Karen, Lynn, Elaine and Nova.  So Yay to the positives.

The down sides: less confident, more stressed and anxious and hit with depression ( Good news these things are all things I can work on and change).

Where do I want to be in 10 Years?

Honestly = Happy and content. Fit and Healthy
 I don't crave fame, ambition or loads of money. I just want the time to spend with family and friends pure and simple.

Monday, 27 January 2014

30 day blog challenge.

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Okay It's partly for me to unload ( still to many bad days against good days at the moment.), 
but partly for you to find out more about me to see why I am me and how I roll.

To do this I found a couple of 30 day blog challenge thingies on Pinterest,
 to help me with my self discovery so to speak.

So today is day one.

here we go:

 Weird things you do when you are alone?

Ahem ..... When I am alone??? When is that EVER?? 
Seriously when I am alone I tend to sit in a quiet room and just brush me Oscar dog, 
it seems to bring calm to me and him. Believe me we both need it.

Current relationship?

I have been married to Dale for 17 years,
 very happily so. (without outside interference, it could have been easier. Enough said 
about the occasions and persons the better, suffice to say I have cut those people
 out of my life, unfortunately Dale Cannot. We are in perfect agreement on this.)
 We stand together united through it all and realise
 we may not have money and possessions but we are very rich
 in our relationship, daughters and friends x 
 I Love him, he loves me, we are a happy family (tee hee).

Like all couples we have differences of opinion, 
but with ours and our relationships maturity 
we are at the stage we cannot be assed to argue over things. 
We Compromise.

Thats all for today.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Not a great week so today I baked!!

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So the abyss reclaimed me for most of this week, but I had a great night with Elaine on Thursday we were supposed to be gyming but when we got there and it was very very busy, Elaine was struggling to find a parking space, we quickly realised there was no chance, and to be honest the thought of going in on such a busy night was terrifying me on the inside. I would have breathed deep and chanced my luck if we had got a space as, exercise seems to bring me up for a couple of hours.

 Alas it was not to be and so we opted for a quick escape to have a natter and a refreshment at the George. OOPS!

Maybe I should have read this first.

So I am just going to pass over friday and this morning, you really don't want to know, trust me blah blah, moan moan, whoa is me.

I knew when I got up this morning I would probably need to stay in, but I was not going to succumb to another nothing day. So I baked.

Dale is enjoying them and we passed in some to our next door neighbours, who kindly cut down some heavy branches off of our tree this morning. The tree was in the front garden and when the storm blows it banged on our bathroom window, prevention is better than cure.

Thats all for today, I am now going to sit and read. I so want to manage a day in the shop this week, so I have to behave.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Decision Made!

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It has taken me a long time to come to a very important decision. I have been thinking of it for a while now and it is time to tell.

I am withdrawing from all Design Teams, Demonstration programmes and such like. 

I have had a fab 10 years covering most of the south west for several companies in my time; but have reached a stage in my life, where I feel I have done all I can.

 I have made some amazing friends in the crafting world, but just as much the egos and back stabbing of a select few has left me despondent and disliking of the circuit. 
Along with myself I have seen many lovely ladies hurt, used for their skills and left, hung out to dry when no longer needed. I have been fortunate and would not have swapped most of it for anything.

When my love of crafting returns, I will be beside the lovely Ladies, Karen, Marion and Jill in the shop, doing what we love most crafting, gossiping and giggling. Teaching in the shop will no doubt return one day, but not yet, I need more time to enjoy crafting for me alone again.  

I thank each and everyone of you who have supported me be it other demonstrators, shop owners or craft enthusiasts who came and watched me when I was sat in a corner of a craft store.

So Moving forward.

I aim to continue to get on top of my depression, anxiety and stress and manage it better.
I aim to return to the shop as said previously.
I aim to write a journal so I can see improvement, or slip ups.
I aim to run and tone up.

I aim to Laugh, Smile, Chat, Moan and get slightly tiddled with Great friends at home in Plymouth and in Berkshire.
 I aim to enjoy crafting again, and you will get to see the projects I make on here as and when I create.

, Just Tracys Crafts are doing a new class soon : an All about me book, I hope to attend as a participant, phone 01752 340317 for more info. Karen and Jill know all about it as it is Jill's baby.

I have cheated and made a little start on my first page, as I LOVE notebooks and pens (geeky me), still a lot to do but I am playing with zentangle.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

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Hello to all my friends and followers, and Happy New Year to you all.

Okay quick catch up as I want this to be a positive blog posts.

Christmas was good, first counselling session done, second one booked. New year eve Excellent with good friends (only 8 peeps at the party, so coping levels were good). Yesterday was relaxing but a bad panic and anxiety attack saw little sleep last night, but Hey overall good.

So HELLO 2014

A friend has posted this over on FB.

I intend to do a version of it in 2014 for all the good times.

But at the same time, all bad thoughts and happenings will be written down and put in here

so they don't stay in my head or heart, to bring me down.

Onwards and upwards. WW starts again today as does fitness (these posts get posted on the relevant page ^^^ up top).

So wishing you all health, wealth and happiness.


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