Designer Rip off!


Whilst I am at home getting myself sorted, I have taken up my knitting needles again, knitting helps me lock out the world, following written instructions means I don't have to come up with my own creative ideas, so no stress and worry (someone else has done the hard work, thank you wonderful clever peeps).

So in my first couple of weeks I produced "The Jan Sweater" by Susan Crawford her blog and available patterns are HERE.  Susan has a knack for updating older vintage knitting patterns, so we can use todays, needles and yarns.

I knitted it in Rowan 4ply pure wool and cost me about £40.00. It is a lovely warm wool, quite luxurious, worth every penny.
my version with me wearing it.

Imagine my surprise when I came along this (proof of rip off prices).

Dolce & Gabbana Version.

Whopping price tag = £640.00
 I kid you not.

So glad I know how to knit LOL!!


Lainey said…
blimey, that is extortionate....yours looks so much nicer xx
Jill said…
Elaine's right yours is so much nicer and as I've seen you in it, I know it looks good on you! Jill x
Gorgeous Tracy I am knitting a baby blanket at the moment not sure why as I don't know anyone having a baby lol. Take Care. Love Alison xxxx