This year is flying by, but time is dragging.

I know the title of this post is a contradiction,
 but I really feel this is the case at the moment.

We are now into September, I cannot believe the summer is nearly over and the nights are drawing in.
And the weekend after next (15th September), I am away running the Bristol Half Marathon. Gulp!!!

Although time is dragging for us privately, as those of you who know me personally know and end is insight and we can move forward a little bit from Monday.

So what's been going on since my last post.

Well I had to admit I was struggling on maintenance on Weight Watchers, what with everything going on, and last Monday I went back to my meeting, took a deep breath and discovered I have to lose 7lbs to bring me back to my goal weight.  I have been good all week tracking, tracking, tracking.  Thank god I nipped it in the bud quickly, I feel a little bit better now I am not filling up on unhealthy snacks again.

Exercise wise, I must admit after my escapades on the moors, my ankles were left sore, which was a result of the uneven ground and I know the more Trail running I do the stronger they will become, I have not been a good runner, took a week of Rest,Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE), then this week decided to opt for treadmill runs to get me back running without too much stress. I went with a fellow running club member
 ( who is also one of my besties - Elaine Blake). Elaine has had a knee op and she walked on a treadmill beside me as part of her recuperation. Managed a 5km run on Monday and a 6km Run last night followed by a 4km static bike ride.

Also I am aiming to start a 30 day ab challenge.  Starting tomorrow.  Going to start on the beginners one which is:

Crafting wise, I have managed to make some cards for the shop and some workshops, but have to admit my head and heart are not in the right place at the moment. I am hoping things will improve soon and promise to share something soon. 

That's me upto date for now
so bye for now.