Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Just a quick update.

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I am doing the one step forward two back at the moment, but I will keep striving, after all the steps forward will soon build up and hopefully go to two steps forward and one back.

On Tuesday last week I went to the shop and had a chat with mum, Karen and Jill. I was out with mum and then we did a little car journey. Got home tired and a little shaky but happier.

 Then On Saturday spurred on by tuesday I decided to go to the shop for an hour for the Christmas fair, stayed longer than I thought I would but chatted to a few people, but found it very hard, did not go into the workshop area as was too many people for me to be comfortable and when the shop was filling up I needed to get out quick x 

Sunday and Monday saw two bad days. Tuesday was not so bad.

Going to go out later with a couple of friends, have not been without family since this struck. So we shall see.

Thank you for all the lovely messages I have received , be they here, facebook, through Karen, Jill, Elaine(plymouth Musketeers) and mum xx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Relax - learning how to, slowly.

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Well I am still waiting for the necessary appointments to start sorting my mind out, and making me examine how I think, do and cope in future. I am sorry but I have decided to write things down here every now and again just for me.

I thought I had turned a corner yesterday when I started the day very positively and did some household chores, went out further than I had ventured in recent days and felt not so stressed.

Then Today I have crashed and burned, went out to get the papers, and panicked as hubby suggested going to get his tyre fixed on the car. Insisting he bought me home first, I know it sounds silly but it freaked me out, so he bought me home and then he went off to kwik fit.  

I was so frustrated with myself I decided to try and make some easy cards to sell at the shops Christmas Fair in 2 weekends time.  NOT a good Idea, I sat down pulled out a stamp, ink pad and card and started to sweat and feel sick, I could not do it. The hobbie I used to adore has to wait a bit, till I have sorted myself out some.  I hope the love comes back when I am in a better frame of mind. So today is a bad day on this long road but Hey I had a good day yesterday!

So what is relaxing me - knitting.

I find sitting still knitting is allowing me to switch off from stress and worry and My wool stash is coming in useful. So on the positive side, I will be warm this winter.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

ABSENT With Permission

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Hello everyone.
Just an update for anyone reading my blog, going to my demonstrations etc. This is quite hard to write emotionally.

I have been off work for 2 weeks now, docs orders. So sadly had to cancel my demos for Crafters Companion and Creative expressions this weekend at Endsleigh Garden Centre. All companies were informed on Tuesday.

I have also not been in the shop, but know that Karen and Jill have been doing amazing.

Without going into too much detail I have a long road till I am back to ME as you know me, but I will get there. Too much has happened in the last couple of years that I am afraid has left me defeated, depressed and stressed. I have help on hand coming. so hope to return to semi normal soon.

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