Thursday, 28 March 2013

So excited,

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Long time no speak so sorry everybody but things happening at home.

I have just popped on here today to tell you all that the 2nd issue of Crafters Companion Inspiration Magazine is now out and I have made the front cover no less!


The little ballerina was a dream to colour.

Head on over to their website today to get your copy.

Hugs xxx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bloglovin follow me!

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<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Well rumour has it we are soon to loose the blogger followers section on here, ad I would hate to loose my followers or the blogs I follow.

So I have joined bloglovin which will help you all to read your blogs you love and keep your followers.

Don't forget to do it, to keep up with your favourites xxx


Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunday family time yesterday

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It does not happen as often as I would like!

I love my daughters so much, but due to their jobs, we cannot get together much at weekends, but I made it a personal mission, that if they are not working on a Sunday, they come to mine for Sunday roast.

This weekend saw my eldest daughter and her fiancé free, so invited them down for roast chicken, youngest daughter had a staff meeting and could not make it :-(

So she was not left out, I cut out a meal for her and sent it home with them, they house share you see.

Any hoo! Joanne bought down the most lovely homemade apple crumble to pop in the oven to warm through, it was scrummy and yes we had custard too!


They were all laughing at me as, I have not had homemade crumble for over two years due to the fact I was losing my six stone, and we don't do desserts normally.

I enjoyed every blooming mouthful, and then we sat and sorted out the evening invites for their forthcoming nuptials.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday.

Today sees me getting back on track to lose the couple of pounds I put on the last few months and getting back excercising, day 1 of 30 day shred done xx


A poignant day, but good time too.

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Well today was a final goodbye to uncle Jack as we were interning his ashes today.

Although a sad occasion it was a happy day, as seeing my cousins and Aunty Val was lovely, after the internment, we all went out for a lovely meal to celebrate Aunty Vals 80th birthday, as this slipped by quietly last month, as she was not ready.

I love spending times with these guys, Aunty Val and Uncle Jack had 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl (Shirley for her own reasons could not make today). But those boys are so naughty when they are together, but you know what I really would not have them any other way!

Lovely afternoon of teasing and leg pulling, just Perfick!!!


Friday, 15 March 2013

O . M . G !!! I am In Heaven

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Today at work we had a delivery of Indigo Blu Stamps and Flitter glu and Mega Flakes.

Now I had never played with any of this companies products before - just lusted after the stamps.

Well I was so excited when the products came in I just had to bring them home to play - would be rude not too right?


This is my very first attempt and I am I'm LOOOOOVVRE!

Going to play some more later on this weekend but just had to show you all.

Here is a close up! To show the 3d work I got going on.



Then from above to show how it will look on a card (which I will make this weekend),

I just love how the light has caught the gilding flakes.


Off now as I have to spend some quality time with my pupster.



Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mini album tutorial x

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Okay this tutorial has taken me a while to put together, time has been a premium these last couple of weeks, so I do hope you can follow along.

If not please feel free to ask questions.

Okay first up you will need

2 pieces of chipboard / Kraft card 6" x 6"

1 piece of chipboard / Kraft card 6" x 2"

1 Piece of white printer card 6" x 6"

NB: I have used different colour tapes just to help you see where to put the tape.



1) take the 6" x 2" piece as shown

2) Tape up


3) stick centrally onto white card


4) tape up


5) Place and stick 6" x 6" kraft card as shown leaving a 1/4" gap from spine

6) Repeat on other side


7) turn this constructed piece over and tape as shown.


You will now need

1 piece of decorative paper for the spine 8" x 4"

2 pieces of decorative paper 8" x 8" for the covers

Washi tape or ribbon


1) Take your decorative spine paper and stick as shown making sure to place it as central as possible.




2) now stick on your decorative paper for the covers onto either side,

just slightly overlapping spine paper by 1/4".

3) If using washi tape or ribbon adhere in place now to hide the join of the papers.



4) turn over again, and tape and cut corners as shown.

5) peel away DST backing and fold paper in and stick down


Put the outer album to one side.

We will now make the spine to attach pages to later on.

You will need a piece of decorative paper 12" wide x 5 3/4" high.

Score down 12" width at 1 1/8" in from left edge. Then from this line score across the width in a pattern of, 1/2", 1/2",1/4",1/2",1/2",1/4" repeat till you are 1 1/8" from the right hand edge.

1) On the back of this piece we will then tape up the first 1/2" gap of each repeat

2) Your 12" x 5 3/4" piece of paper will look like this on the back

3) Peel away backing of tape, and fold 1/2" section onto themselves

your piece will now look like this

Okay let me pin it down and show you the right side, lol!

Each of the little peaks need to have double side placed on either side,

Sorry you can just see it in the photo below,

this is ready to attach the pages in later, but first we need to put it into our album


1) turn over and tape as shown, lots of tape is essential.

2) this now needs to be placed inside our base album,

making sure to take care it is placed even and dead centre, left, right, top and bottom,

the page peeks fitting nicely onto the 2" spine Kraft card.

3) Take 2 pieces of matching cardstock 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" and adhere to inside covers.


This is your base album almost complete, all you need to do now is create the pages,

I have used 8 x 5 3/4" x 5 3/4 inch scalloped cards for mine.


1) cut each card in half on the score line.

Then tape one piece as shown, and stick a matching piece on top. Repeat for the rest of the card pieces.

We leave the straight edge open to attach to the peeks of our spine, and the top scallops open to leave a pocket for a tag.

Optional step: if you want an additional pocket, take another 4 scalloped cards, cut in half down the spine and then each half piece, in half again across the middle, you will have 16 pieces as pictured below.

Tape sides and bottom and attach to either side of your pages at the bottom.


Now to assemble in the album, take double sided tape off of either side of your peaks, open up straight edge of pages and place peak in between and press down.

Repeat with each page, it is easier if you decorate the pages as you go.


My finished album



The one I have created would be great for cupcake recipes and other bakes.

I have used Dove crafts cupcake boutique range for my example.

Would make a great memory album though all grungy and distressed.

I hope you understand my instructions and enjoy making this album.

Please be kind to link to my tutorial if you share your makes on your blogs,

and give me a shout as I would love to see what you make.


Mrs motivator has been an worked her magic x

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My dear friend Elaine Blake, came to the shop today to play, and she has metaphorically speaking kicked my butt.

So I am now in a much more positive mood, healthy eating plan has been good this week but I still shied away from doing any form of exercise.

Thanks to Elaine, Monday will see me return to weight watchers for a gold member weigh in (scary stuff) then after that onto circuit training with the running club.

Zumba Tuesday night to see what all the hype was about and then Thursday night I will go back to running club to see everyone and to see if I remember how to run.

I may even poodle around Plymouth Half Marathon at the end of April just to do it (not for a time or anything else) as I paid my dues and don't want to lose the entrance fee.

Right I have to go as I am in work and should be doing something else!






Thursday, 7 March 2013

Gosh almighty, where have the days gone!

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Time just seems to be slipping away from me this week, I missed WOYWW post this week, Bad Tracy.

I need to get more organised for that one.

Any who, today I have back to back classes, and I am taking my class this morning back to basics.

I wanted them to create a clean and simple card using minimal tools and products and using up scraps, and taking them back to cutting with trimmers or guillotine as It always astounds me the amount of people into paper craft who say they don't like using these items.

Any way today's card

I hope to pay some blogs visits tonight, catch up with you all again.




Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mmm!!! List of things I would like to do!

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Well whilst I was catching up on few friends blogs today, I came across Elaine's blog and she had made a small list of things she would like to do.

This got me to thinking, what do I want to do again!


No 1) Regain control of my eating healthy - let it slip the last couple of months, but started rejuvenated again today, SF jelly in the fridge, butternut squash soup and celeriac and potato soup all batched cooked for lunches for the next two weeks.

No 2) Get back to some form of excercise - have not done anything serious for months, so will restart this week, anybody know of some good excercise classes on Tuesdays during the day or tue,wed,fri evenings. Would love to try zumba or kettle bells.

No 3) I am going to have strict times when I work at home, every other Monday being one day for sure, as I have claimed that as my workshop prep day.

That's my three things to put into place this month!




Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bamboo is still in the building until tomorrow and a thankyou.

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Firstly I just want to say thank you to every single one of you that came to see me at my demos this weekend, wowzers so busy, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
More importantly that you are enjoying your new goodies.
If you like my work don't forget to follow me, to see what I get upto next x
Now on with today's post.

Well this is my final Bamboo sneaky peak, now this is all off of the CD so hope you Likey.

I always feel like a cheating crafter using CDs, if truth be told , I know silly really as i am not, but, different folks , different strokes.

So to justify it to myself I have to do an unusual fold or more complicated layout.

Here is the inside


Tomorrow I have to move on to more demo work and workshop samples

so and I hope to bring another tutorial soon.

Keep your eyes peeled.




Saturday, 2 March 2013

A late one for me!!

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Sorry this peak is so late in the day, but I have been out demoing today and have only just got to write this post.

Now This card is as big as it looks,

it is a triple fold with acetate on the two front sides so you can see through to the back.

All the images and papers are off of the Party Paws CD, and I have to say I love the Butterfly embellishment on this CD.

That's it for today.

Hugs Xxxx



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