Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thursdays workshop

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I have been playing again!

This is my class for Thursday, I wanted to show the ladies another use of their distress ink pads.

I love to get the most out of my products, and sometimes we forget how versatile one product can be and always seem to be chasing the latest trend!!! Which in all honesty has been around so long, but like outfits from the 60's and 80's, are now fashionable again.

Crafting can be an expensive hobby so I encourage people to get the most out of every single product they buy.


The card was made, using distress inks, circle punch, sentiment stamp, and silhouette peel offs. Oh and copy paper and cotton wool balls.

Class is full so hope they will enjoy it xx



Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A little something to show and a little something to tell!!

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So yesterday saw the shop opening it's doors again on a Tuesday, this is for a trial period to see if it is viable.

A couple of people did come in, but it was very quiet, which I suppose is only to be expected for now.

But that did allow me time to make a card for a workshop.

A very simple Christmas card, these would be easy to do as a production line method, lovely for friend and acquaintances.

At last I made a card. Just hope my ladies like it.

Simple techniques of embossing, masking, colouring.

Less is more card.

Well that was something to show.

Now for something to tell, we'll at the top of my blog just underneath the heading you will see a new tab, about weight watching and running. That's where all my posts regarding those items will be. So this will page will be crafty, that page will be lifey, sometimes recipes and sometimes running and just a bit of everything in between.

That's all for now xx

Hugs xx




Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's only me!!

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Sorry I know, I know. I come on here and apologise for my absence, promise to blog more and then disappear again.

Please forgive my tardiness, but with a little help from my GP, I hope to be around a bit more and with a little more oomph!

Well I was gutted last week as afore mentioned GP ruled me out of running the Bristol Half Marathon, but after quiet contemplation I realised it was for the best. I cannot just go jumping in and book these things without any proper training or distance covered (only ran this distance twice before, once was a trail half, no training there and the other was a midnight madness half out in the middle of dartmoor, well at midnight, no training there either). Both of which were booked on a whim.

So now I am going to train properly, for a few Halfs next year.

Diet wise I have given myself a good kick up the a*** and got back on track, lost 4lb in the last 2 weeks, 3lb to go to bring me back to my goal weight.

Ooh ooh, whilst I remember looksie what I got,


It came in this mornings post and is waiting for me to try on when I get home from work. I love it.

Crafting wise, mmmmmm!!! I am getting there, I have a quilt and a jumper on the go, and cardmaking seems to be a slow resurfacing of the mojo - but it's coming along. I have a couple of ideas going on in my head that I hope to create soon, and my classes are coming together too.

That's all for today

Chat soon



Friday, 6 September 2013

This year is flying by, but time is dragging.

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I know the title of this post is a contradiction,
 but I really feel this is the case at the moment.

We are now into September, I cannot believe the summer is nearly over and the nights are drawing in.
And the weekend after next (15th September), I am away running the Bristol Half Marathon. Gulp!!!

Although time is dragging for us privately, as those of you who know me personally know and end is insight and we can move forward a little bit from Monday.

So what's been going on since my last post.

Well I had to admit I was struggling on maintenance on Weight Watchers, what with everything going on, and last Monday I went back to my meeting, took a deep breath and discovered I have to lose 7lbs to bring me back to my goal weight.  I have been good all week tracking, tracking, tracking.  Thank god I nipped it in the bud quickly, I feel a little bit better now I am not filling up on unhealthy snacks again.

Exercise wise, I must admit after my escapades on the moors, my ankles were left sore, which was a result of the uneven ground and I know the more Trail running I do the stronger they will become, I have not been a good runner, took a week of Rest,Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE), then this week decided to opt for treadmill runs to get me back running without too much stress. I went with a fellow running club member
 ( who is also one of my besties - Elaine Blake). Elaine has had a knee op and she walked on a treadmill beside me as part of her recuperation. Managed a 5km run on Monday and a 6km Run last night followed by a 4km static bike ride.

Also I am aiming to start a 30 day ab challenge.  Starting tomorrow.  Going to start on the beginners one which is:

Crafting wise, I have managed to make some cards for the shop and some workshops, but have to admit my head and heart are not in the right place at the moment. I am hoping things will improve soon and promise to share something soon. 

That's me upto date for now
so bye for now.


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