Life goes on around us!

Sometimes I feel like all I am doing is reporting drama and upset on this blog. I can assure you life is tough still in the Dale and Tracy household, but we are trying to battle into some kind of normality. The simplest Things make you so thankful and you learn a lot about the people in your life and what's important to you.

So the Bad, lets get it out. My father in law passed away as some of you are aware at the end of last month, due to several different factors we are still awaiting to be able to hold a funeral. Hubby is finding it very difficult to cope and that intern has a knock on effect to me, those that know us as friends will be aware who, what and why. So no need to post that here.

So the good, I have the most amazing friend network, at work in the form of Karen, her hubby John and Jill, they are constantly picking up my slack at the moment.

Elaine B despite needing a knee op, has been there for Dale and myself on the end of the Fb message system constantly, one of the nicest, kindest peeps you could wish to meet.

Then there is my BFF, Lynn C, always at the end of the phone, the nicest person I ever met in the crafting industry.

All my running buddies at my running club, you let me pound the streets talking or not talking as the days events set my mood. Encouraging this ageing bird to act like a spring chicken.

So I said to my self yesterday afternoon, we can't fix it all right now, but we sure as hell ain't going to let everything slide and let it get any worse.

So I pulled on my Trail shoes (off road trainers), got Oscars lead on him and we went on a little run. 4.17 miles through lanes and wood. Happy afternoon, yay!! Dale snoozed whilst we were out, double Yay!

I can control my fitness.

Today sees me getting back on track with my healthy eating regime - things have been sliding since about a month before my daughters wedding. I WILL NOT let that weight back on, I worked to bloomin hard to get it off.

So everything, has been weighed pointed and tracked today.

This blog is now going to be a more personal experience for me, to log my good days, bad days, running days and races. Diet days and treat days.

With some crafty makes thrown in along the way.

So my main reason to smile today.

Oscar dog

You make me laugh, all the time without fail!





Elaine said…
Oscar is sooo cute...
Your friends, will always love you both, and to balance it out, you are great friends to us all too.
Take care both of you xx xx
Jill said…
Tracy, it's fine we all understand. Looking forward to seeing you back in the shop, so much to talk to you about, all good ideas! Jill x
Karen said…
I'm really pleased you are getting on top of things. One step at a time though, don't try and rush things. We are all here for you both - take care
Tracy Hun take care of yourself, you will get through this emotional time and it sounds like you have supportive friends, and of course Oscar who is so cute. Hope to see your smiley face again soon. Love Alison xx
julie_woolston said…
Ending hugs Tracy, take care of yours,elf.

Hugs Julie xxx