Relax - learning how to, slowly.

Well I am still waiting for the necessary appointments to start sorting my mind out, and making me examine how I think, do and cope in future. I am sorry but I have decided to write things down here every now and again just for me.

I thought I had turned a corner yesterday when I started the day very positively and did some household chores, went out further than I had ventured in recent days and felt not so stressed.

Then Today I have crashed and burned, went out to get the papers, and panicked as hubby suggested going to get his tyre fixed on the car. Insisting he bought me home first, I know it sounds silly but it freaked me out, so he bought me home and then he went off to kwik fit.  

I was so frustrated with myself I decided to try and make some easy cards to sell at the shops Christmas Fair in 2 weekends time.  NOT a good Idea, I sat down pulled out a stamp, ink pad and card and started to sweat and feel sick, I could not do it. The hobbie I used to adore has to wait a bit, till I have sorted myself out some.  I hope the love comes back when I am in a better frame of mind. So today is a bad day on this long road but Hey I had a good day yesterday!

So what is relaxing me - knitting.

I find sitting still knitting is allowing me to switch off from stress and worry and My wool stash is coming in useful. So on the positive side, I will be warm this winter.


Jill said…
Just get yourself well Tracy, no matter how long it takes. Jill xxx
Lemonie said…
Just take one day at a time. Soon the good days will outweigh the bad x melanie x
Lemonie said…
Just take one day at a time. Soon the good days will outweigh the bad x melanie x
Karen Hoskin said…
Take one day at a time, it will get better but you need to stop beating yourself up. We all miss you but don't want to see you back until you are really ready so take the time you need and worry about anything else.
Take it slow honey one day at a time. Sending you huge hugs. Alison xx
Lainey said…
one day at a time Tracy, baby steps...hugs xx xx
Beth Turner said…
My prayers are with you, God Bless and take all the me time you need xx