Thank fullness of friends and family.

Well it is Saturday 23rd November at 4.33pm. I am sat watching a corny Christmas film on the television, worn out and exhausted.

It got me to thinking how lucky I am for having some amazing people in my life. Dale has gone away to see family in the midlands, I was not upto going away, but I knew my hubby needed a break so waved him off on Wednesday morning and he comes home tomorrow, I have missed him terribly and cannot wait to see him.

I have not really been venturing out on my own or going out, but this week I managed two very short walks with Osacr. Yep just me and him.

I managed a morning at my mums eating lunch.

Last night, My friend Elaine came and picked me up and we went to another friends house, drank wine, ate pizza, crisps and muffins and watched trashy television, crashed in her spare rooms and was delivered home safe and sound.

I am so lucky to have friends and family that are their to make sure I keep socializing as much as I feel upto with no pressure.

I miss my Bestie Karen, Jill, Marion and the shop, but I now know just how important it is for me to learn to accept what is wrong at the moment and work towards getting to a happy plateau when I can return and enjoy the shop again.

Take care xx


Jill said…
Tracy, think about you so much. Xx
Karen Hoskin said…
miss you so much too - just want my bestie feeling good about things and herself