Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ribbon Girl Challenge - Pink & Blue

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Well today I was supposed to be getting DT work done and workshops prepped, but I fell off the crafting for work Wagon and onto the YAY lets play one instead.

So thought I would join in with the Ribbon Girls Challenge of Blue And Pink.  These are not two colours I generally put together, but today I played along.

So here is my card.

Since taking the photograph I have added some white pearls to the outer corners, as I felt it needed something, but my camera has now died (well the batteries have) so this photo will have to do. For now.

The Stamp is from Wee Designs, coloured with polychromas pencils, Added a few roses and stamens, a frame die cut from the Cindy loo Cricut Cartridge. which I have adorned with pearly doo daahs.

Thats me done till next time xxx

WOW - Yep folks you guessed it, its my t.urn to host today

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Have you Got your LUUUURVE on yet!!

Well I have well and truly made more Valentines projects this year than ever before LOL!!

This week sees my final valentine post.

The theme over the next few days
Cards for the men in our lives.

Well believe it or not, I found this one quite easy,
So for the first time in along time, my man is going to get a card. TEE HEE!!

Now as I have said before we don't valentine, but if I am going to do it, I AM GOING TO DO IT!! With full screaming lovey dovey cuteness.

So here we are!

The base card is a simple stepper card,  (pictoral tutorial on the wow blog) The image is a digi download from Cuddly Buddly, coloured with my copics, the wording - well thats where the powders come in, they were plain boring white chipboard letters, but with a bit of WOW!! They are transformed into glowing, glitzy, dazzling terms of endearment.
Add some ribbon (a girl can never have too much ribbon) and some sparkly gems (ditto) and bobs your uncle, etc.

Off to check out my fellow wowzers!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Heavy Heart

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It is with A breaking heart that I am writing this post today.

On Sunday 15th January 2012
at 10.30am
I had to have my beloved Barney, put to sleep.

Barney we got as a rescue dog when he was just 10 months old in the November 1999.
My Dad passed away one month after getting my first ever "PUPPY".

To this day I still called Barney "MY PUPPY", he was like my baby and I loved him.
He saw me through those dark days of losing my dad.

He was very jealous of anybody who tried to get my love and attention, not in a nasty way - but in Hey back off bucko if there are cuddles to go around I am having them all.

He gave me much fun and laughter in my life and it was an honour and a privilege to have been allowed to have him in my life.

My Mum would joke the pecking order for my love was always
The Dog
The Girls (MY Daughters)
Then maybe Dale (HUBBY).

He suffered with muscle wastage to his head in November/ December last year 2011, but the vets said he was not in any discomfort, and he could go on a long while yet.

Last night he came to bed as normal, this morning at 8.00am he followed me for my toilet break as normal, I went back to bed for 30 minutes, got up and then it happened, Barney would not move, his hind legs had gone, his eyes unfocused.

He was being sick. The vets agreed it was time to say goodbye.
I was with him till the very end and I thanked him for all of his unconditional love as I held him in my arms as he slipped away.

Run free my best friend - I will love you always.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wow - Valentines Week 2

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It is time for installment 2 of our valentines trilogy.

Well this time it is a doozy!!

We have a colour challenge - GULP!!!

Pressure is on, I see pink and I mean PINK!!

So here we go here is my take!

This Time I have made a little bag for some little trinket to be deposited into.

Simple and sweet, A little bit of Card manipulation and to get the folded bag, added to a mixture of all 5 embossing powders used along side WOW stamp set 6 "with love" for the butterfly and a Personnal Impressions stamp set for the flowers.

I hope some time in the near future to bring a video or photo tutorial for the bag, watch this space!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the wowzers (my fellow DT friends) work over at


WOW Is it nearly Valentines - so soon.

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Well we have been challenged for the next 3 weeks to come up with Valentines projects. We being the DT members for WOW embossing powders. 

OH ERR Missus, now I really struggle with Valentines, now I am not unromantic, but I have been married 15years to my wonderful man, and it is something we don't do.
Just because he shows me out of the blue on many occassions how much he loves and cares for me and I try too as well (show him, I mean not me).. Not just one day of the year he is told too LOL!!!

But I know it is coming and that is our remit, so Swoon without further ado here is my first project.

The base is made out of various red and black cardstock and an acetate pop up through the middle.
I have used the WOW stamps set "Call Me" stampset3,

1)  I inked the large script postage stamp with versamark ink, stamped onto white cardstock and then used Gold Rich Superfine embossing powder (WC04SF) and heat set, trimmed the cardstock close
up too the image.
2) Same as step 1 but using Ebony Regular embossing powder (WH00R), then cut out the inner script carefully with a craft knife and discarded it.
3) I cheated and used microsoft word to create my text bubble and printed it out onto red cardstock.
4) I heat embossed the telephone stamp again with the ebony embossing powder and cut it out.
5) Assemble all the individual items to make the topper as shown.

Add some riboons and buttons and Voila!!

Don't forget to check out the other DT work for more ideas and inspiration.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sneaky Peak - Workshop 1 2012

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Well Okay, I know lots of our customers are asking for the workshop list, I am working as quick as I can and today they have gone live on the website for January/ February!!

The Majority of them start in February!
We do have new ones starting in March - but I will reveal all at a later date on them!!

Here is a close up though of my first class in February.

It takes place on Thursday 23rd February
from 10am - 11.30

Places are limited so you do need to book in!
We are stamping colouring with polychromas and playing with shrink plastic too.

Oh Okay then here is the full card!!

Clean and simple in style!!

Tracy xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Now don't faint, I have something to show.

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I know it has been a while, but I did promise too soon,
but technically I have cheated as this was a Demonstrators project I made for WOW embossing powders to display at the craft show at the NEC in November 2011.

I used a 3d frame, painted it black with Jo Sonjas Acrylic paint, then, using black embossing powder onto white card, I stamped and embossed a Hero Art butterfly stamp 5 times, then repeated with Super fine silver embossing powder onto black cardstock 4 times. Stuck them onto a piece of black card, cut to the size of the inside of the frame.

I have more to show over the next couple of days as I will be showing sneaky peeks of up and coming workshops too.

Till next time
hugs xx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Its going to be a WOW 2012!!

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I am thrilled and Excited to announce that I am on the DT for WOW embossing powders!

Those in the know, just know I love, stamps, inks, embossing, distressing and more So cannot wait to get stuck in to some new projects.  I do tend to have a clean style about me, but I also like to push the boundaries from time to time so hope to inspire you at some point.

We will have a cool blog for you to follow us on in the next few weeks you will slowly get introduced to our lovely team of designers  which you can find at
and hope you will head on over and meet the rest of the DT soon.

Tracy xxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New year and I will be back crafting again Promise!

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I have had a total break from crafting over Christmas and I must admit I think it did me good, Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT, All of it, but I needed to take the pressure off and spend time with my Family and Friends, although It has not been without heartache.

 I lost a Friend, I am losing an Uncle, my husbands family have made the heart breaking decision to put His dad into a home as he is just getting more violent with his alzhiemers, and two more close friends have been diagnosed with cancer, one has secondary and the other has just been diagnosed so don't know how bad yet.

But Not all doom and Gloom, I had my children to me for Christmas day, mum came to me boxing day evening, Sarah (youngest daughter turned 23) on the 27th, then we had some quiet time.  It was also meant to be a quiet New Years Eve, I'll skip over all the Gory details but just to give you a hint, went to next door for one drink at 7pm, got to bed at 3.45am, apparently even went to the pub at one point to see my mum and an old friend, daughter also gatecrashed our evening LOL!!

Huge Hint a dieting Tracy, a bottle of her own Dissarano Liquer (my obsession with almonds runs from Stazon ink pads to alcohol - should I be worried), a pub that sold the same liquer and no diet lemonade of coke, so after a few did not want to waste the calories on the light stuff, I was Absolutely sloshed, gatecrashed next doors party for another 2 hours, abandoned Hubby and daughter at the said party, went home snuggled up to my barney dog and fell sound asleep!  (TRACY IT IS NOT BIG AND IT IS NOT CLEVER -  oh but it was fun!)

Any how today I have made up for it.

Those that know me know I have been dieting and trying to get fit with Weight Watchers, well I only put on 1.5lbs at Christmas over 2 weeks - not bad, and I blame New years Eve entirely.  Any who, I sometimes remember to blog over there, and here to show you all how good I have been today for my New Years Digression is todays post.

Well today I got up pretending I was already back to work, just to get used to the hours again. No I am not mad - it was also treadmill delivery day. Whoop Whoop!!  Newbies take note this is not a normal day!!

Anytime between 10.30 and 12.30 I was told and 11.30 it came. But that is jumping ahead.

My morning consisted of a nice healthy breakfast oats so simple - with milk from daily allowance and the smallest banana I have ever seen, 1st cup of coffee. (I am limiting myself to 3 a day).

Then I decided to get ahead and make some zero point soups for my lunches the next few days, So one batch of Tomato, Carrot and butternut squash on and another of Curried butternut squash, all done and divided up, with labels on to put in the freezer alongside my brocolli, leek and cauliflower I did on New Years Eve. So dinners for 10 days done!! Will mix it up with salads on other days so at least 2 weeks prep done.

Then all the excitement of unpacking my new toy ( I mean my very good piece of excercise equipment). Well I could not wait to have ago, did 20 minutes on level 7km/ph. covered 2.75km.
Other Half then said I had to have my lunch, big bully!! (Sulking cause you wanna play is not a good look on an overweight lady with a now beetroot coloured face.)

Lunch today was a healthy one,
Salad: lettuce, cucmber, tomato, pickled onions (those silverskin ones that catch in the back of my throat and make my eyes water and choke me ones that I Just cannot help loving), beetroot, wafer thin ham, 1 boiled egg, salad cream (heinz ex light).
Clementine, and walkers frenchfries crisp.

I then rested for an hour and contemplated returning to my shop tomorrow, I cannot wait to see my business partner Karen again (funny we work together all year and at Christmas we have a whole week away from one another, I miss her a lot - I hope the feeling is mutual, I can be a nag and a worry wort.) We own a papercraft/ knitting/quilting shop, its quite relaxed and informal and a friendly enviroment but hard to keep the activity levels up. So may need to get used to excercise around work hours again may be a bit Hard.

Ooh gone totally off track there SORRY!!

After my thinking I then did EA active 2 for my Aerobics toning workout today, 25 minutes and then it was glinting at me in the corner and yep I got back on the treadmill and did another run of 15 minutes interspersed with 12 minutes walking this included the 5 minute cool down, but another 3km covered.

This is a very rare day for me so much activity and prepping and all, that whilst my hubby cooks my healthy evening meal, fish, potatoes and veg, I think I will have a shower and then have a little relax!!

Hope you all have a good day!!


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