Nothing days.

Since Saturday night I have had 3 nothings days. Days where I want to do absolutely nothing days, I manage to go to the shop get the papers and that is it.

I was meant to be going to the gym tonight with my 2 dear friends and social support, but I have bailed out as the panic and stress attacks have been very bad this week, chest is permanently tight at the moment.  Hubby actually witnessed the worst yet and it really upset him as there was nothing he could do to make it better.

Oh well! Another fresh day tomorrow to see how we go. One day at a time most of last week was good this week so far is not. No Need to comment, just my rambling.

I am lucky, I have a loving family and friends who whilst they do not fully understand what Is happening to me or how to deal with it. They support and help regardless. xx


Jill said…
Poor you Tracy. You'll be fine, it'll just take time. Jill x
Jeanette White said…
Take care of yourself Tracy. Thinking of you and hope you start feeling yourself soon. xx
Joce Turner said…
Hi Tracy,
I read your posts and am amazed at how strong you are, and not even realising yet,that you are. To write week after week and bare your soul and your struggle, is a great strength in itself. Your insight is so helpful for others travelling the road you are on. I am inspired. May your Christmas celebrations be gentle xxx
Tracy just take care honey and take each day as it comes. Love Alison xx