Tough day! not! a relaxed one for a change

Well we are at the stage of waiting around for something to happen.

We went out today, to get the ingredients for some home brew - something else for dale to focus on. Came home and put it on to brew. Yummy. Rose wine and Pear Cider brewing nicely as I type.

I have tracked and stayed within ww points today. Tonight I even managed a run.

It was running clubs Tuesday night run and we had to run up church hill, sorry it was hot and I walked it, and we had to walk  run pass a PUB!! oh the sacrifices we make.

Hey ho 5.75mile run in an hour. stayed on ww plan an an uneventful day! result!


Karen said…
sounds good - a lovely day for all then, we had a lovely lunch and swan watching at Lopwell
Tracy said…
aww Karen I am so glad you had a good day, Lopwell is beautiful xx
Jill said…
Well done on the run... no I mean walk!! Jill x
Tracy glad you had a good day wow Church Hill that brought back some memories my girls went to play school in the church hall opposite the pub and I used to walk down and back up that hill pushing a pram with Sarah in it and Pauline on the mudguard go the pram twice daily boy was I fit and slim in those days and then we got a car and the rest is history.

I too need to get back to weight watchers will start again when we get home from our hols. Love to you and hubby. Love Alison xx