Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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Its been 10 days since my last post, and I am pleased to report that the new job is going very well, I seem to be working almost full time at the moment, as Lots of staff are taking holidays and as I am relief, I am covering a lot of peoples shifts all over the place.

That is good for me as I am now working with so many different members of staff and getting used to all the different routines quite quickly. Yes I am still loving it. Although it has knocked my diet and exercise routine for a big burden as shift work and eating needs practice. (this week I vow to achieve both).

Outside of work life things still continue to want to try us. I have an uncle who is fighting the C word, sadly he took a big tumble at home and has broken his femur (operation to fix, hopefully today) so thoughts are with him and my cousin Sam.

Sad news haunts me as on Saturday I heard that one of the loveliest Ladies I have ever had the privilege of meeting, knowing and calling a personal friend - Anne Selleck (whom I now know was called Peggy Ann Selleck) Suffered a brain haemorrhage on Thursday and unfortunately passed away over the weekend.
Anne was a wonderful lady, with a permanent smile and a giggle. She adored Gardening, Cardmaking, Charlie Bears and her lovely cat Oscar as well as her husband and son.
Anne was a member of my original band of ladies who would craft in my shed before we opened the shop. She was the naughty one - who only really came to half craft, give up and then eat cake and gossip.

I will miss you My Lovely Anne. Your Kindness will never ever be forgotten you were and always will be a true LADY and always in my heart xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Happy but exhausted!!

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Wow! I know its been a while since my last post, but things really started to happen quite quickly re my career break/ change.

My DBS/CRB check came back all clear last week, and then I was told I would be having my Induction week as a carer this week. So alongside Monday and Thursday in the shop. I have done 2 day shifts (7.30 am - 3pm), One back shift last night (3pm - 10pm) and another back shift this evening. So 6 days work for the first time since November. I must admit to a few wobbles of anxiety, but all in all a good week. I am enjoying the care work, although I am aware I am very much the newbie, and getting used to each shifts routine is a BIG learning curve. But I find my self smiling and laughing a lot with the resident.

I am also finding no trouble what so ever getting my daily steps in, just working yesterday and walking home earnt me 3 activity points. WHOOP! WHOOP!!

I have about 3 weeks "working" in the shop left to do. I have 2 more induction shifts at the home next week which are night shifts, the biggest test as the shifts are 10pm - 7.30 am.  So wish me luck!

I am hoping to relax tomorrow and maybe just maybe do a little quilting xx


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