Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Our wedding anniversary - so just a quick post.

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Up early 6.30am off to gym at 7. Then off to work.

Well today is my wedding anniversary 15 Years and what did we do to celebrate diddly swat! To be honest thats the way we like it.

We decided not to exchange presents as at the beginning of the month I bought my self a Kindle and my hubby bought something he JUST HAD TO HAVE!! for his CB rig.

We have however just sat down to a lovely meal and a nice glass of wine, we can now relax indoors.

This is the card I did make for my hubby, I know it is a bit over the top but if you cannot get smoochy on your wedding anniversary, when can you?

to be honest I just have not had the time.

Breakfast: porridge, milk, banana 7pp
Lunch: ww meal 6pp, 2 pp crisp
Evening meal: pasta, tomatos, mushroom, onion, asda meatfree meatballs and a glass of wine.

Gym 20 Minutes x trainer
Bike 15 Minutes
4 different weight machines for upper body 2 x 15 reps on each.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back to work!!

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Well this morning saw me returning to my lovely little craft shop, ooh it was like going home!!

I Am re-energised and hope to change things around a bit, back to re-focussing on the main area, I felt like I lost my way for a bit, need to talk things through with a couple of people but onwards and upwards as they say.


Today sees another project for the embossing powder company and I did so enjoy playing nice with them along with the acetate, cricut and a few stamps and embellishments.

This time I have made a gift, Ideal for little presents or dare I say it Stocking fillers!

Looks like a cupcake but is actually socks!

Sorry the photography is not to good today.


Well as I said earlier, I went back to work this morning, saw some of the lovely goodies that have come in and I like the way Karen and Jill have rearranged some of the goodies. 

Came home for a lovely lunch, and lot of work to do.
Dales' back is very bad again and I hope to have convinced him to goto the Doctors ASAP!

Tonight I am going out!  I have been invited to a pampered chef party
- not sure what they are about but will go and let you know tomorrow -
OOH that means I will have a life outside of crafting, how strange.


Fallen Star:  Bit same oh same oh!  Its not gripping me.


Greasy food is no longer for me.
 Yesterdays Fish and chips weighed heavy all night and I just felt YUKKY!

Breakfast: Porridge, Milk, Banana 7PP
Lunch:  Warburtons square wrap, passata, mushroom, onion, tomato, cheese pizza 6PP
French fries crisp 2PP

14PP left Scallops with spaghetti is on the menu this evening and then maybe a glass of wine Depending on points.

Till tomorrow
Tracy xxx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Weigh in Day

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Sorry for the late post but needed to get my weigh in tonight and the evening meal out of the way.


So what Have I managed to get done today! Well this little card was a joy to make!  I took inspiration from all the bunting that seems to be everywere in the crafting world at the moment, and put the snowflakes on ribbon like bunting.

As you can see I have used the same stamp as yesterday, so this is going to be one in the kit.


This morning I was up and at them quite early, 9am I was at the gym treadmill and weights were the order of the day! 

Then home showered and crafting as above.  This afternoon was spent sat in the back garden reading my latest book, till it was time to get ready for weigh in.  So all in all a relaxing, do nothing day.


Still Falling Star - too early to comment - but nice easy read!


Weigh in day --   Lost 1lb wayhay!!!  3 stone 7lbs gone   49lb in total and my 7th silver seven.

Breakfast: banana, milk, porridge 7PP

Lunch: slice toast  4PP

Treat tonight Chippy fish and chips 30PP
 (felt bloated and uncomfortable afterwards, so won't have that as a treat again)

ww bar 2PP

Total 43PP  so 14 of 49 weeklies used

Gym 40 minutes on treadmill at level 4, 4mph,
then 4 lower body weights 2 x 15 reps on each.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon - in the summertime!!

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Wow what a beautiful day, don't know where it came from but thankyou very much for it.


Here is todays make!!

Kept it nice and simple today,
Used the new Kraft blank cards that came into the shop last week along with some new ribbons.

This card is going to be an example of what you can do with the stamp
 that is going to be in our very first
Card of the month kit.

Which will Launch End of september.
The stamp is designed by yours truly and coloured with polychromas pencils.


A quiet day today,

Dale went out to visit his sons today, it amazes me that even now at the ages of 23 and 21 his boys can't visit him on his birthday or around it! Hey ho, families!!

I spent the morning making and planning future makes!

It is now the afternoon and I am getting a few more things sorted, and Dale is sat out in the Garden relaxing, We have the youngest Daughter coming for tea tonight and she has assked for Roast Chicken, it will be a late one as she is working and we will pick her up to save her either bussing or walking home!


Well I finished one book yesterday and then started to read: Falling Star by Diana Dempsey  bit of Chick Lit about greed and betrayal, not gripped me yet but I have only read a couple of pages. So will let you know how it goes.


Weekends are  to be my excercise free days, but I am still smarting over missing the Gym on Friday - I know how strange does that sound coming from me!
May have a Wii fit play in a bit to make me feel better.

Breakfast: Porridge, Milk for Day and a banana 7pp
Lunch: WW chilli beef pizza 6pp, Strawberries, grapes 0pp, French fries 2PP
Tea: Roast chicken with potatoes, veg, 2 yorkshires and gravy  10PP

25pp used leaving 4pp for snackies later.  May have Yoghurt and ww bar.

Thats all for today.
Tracy xxx

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Time for something completely different!

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I need to get some samples made today for WOW embossing powders, these powders are lovely and so many in the range, they will be coming to the shop soon!

What has that got to do with the image below, well if you look closely enough, you will see that the main focal beads are actually made out of watercolour cardstock, Green and Gold Embossing powder and a gold gem!!

It is teamed with a memory wire necklace and some green and gold seed beads. 
 You will not believe how light it is to wear!


Dale is having a really bad day again, back wise, He is tryng really hard to have a normal day, but just to see him walk around is heart breaking, I have tried to get him to rest but he won't listen.
I fear he is going to keel over with every step!
So I have sooo much work to do today we have to stay in!  I hope that ploy works (its okay he does not read the blog).


Same as yesterday - good book for dieters to read!


Did not get to the gym yesterday, am so annoyed, it was my decision but god I regretted it last night, I felt sluggish and lethargic, so Monday I will be there come hell or high water!

Breakfast: Porridge, banana, milk for today  7pp
Lunch:  Sandwich, red grapes and S&V french fries  8pp
Tea: Steak,  potato wedges, mushroom and onions (need to work out points)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

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Well I made this one before I went on my little break from work!

It is my hubbys birthday today and I had to be all organised with this one.

The image is a Cuddly Buddly one and I coloured the main figure with my Spetrum Noir Pens and then chalked the grass and the background.
Added a few craft time button embellishments and all done.

Today I succumbed and popped into the shop to see all the new goodies, oh my word the Kars christmas goodies are gorgeous.


Then we went off looking at clothes and wowee!! I am so chuffed I had to buy a size 14 jean this time last year I was looking at going into a size 20. Going to wear them out tonight, we are just going to the local pub for a celebratory drink for Dales Birthday.


On my kindle! - Which I love - The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl  which is taken from an amazing blogger and her weight loss journey, sad, funny and inspirational.


Brekkie:  porridge, semi skimmed milk and a banana   7pp
Dinner: Turkey salad wrap, french fries crisps     8pp
Tea: Chicken in BBQ sauce, new pot, Veg  10pp

ww bar and a drinkie 4pp

Total 29pp

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday from work and craft!

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I know I have been missing a while, but I have been having a week away from the shop, Demos, workshops and crafting in general.  Just felt like I needed a little break.

Nothing booked or planned just time at home.  So What have I been upto??

Thursday : Zip, nadda nothing - stayed in bed till 9, then just chilled out and refused to do anything.

Friday: Gym at 7am for 40 minutes of rowing and then weights, home, shower and then off to Hope Cove to see friends on holiday from Newbury, we ended up going to Torquay with them and having Fish and chips in a pier side cafe (YUMMY!!) walked around for a bit and enjoyed an ice cream by the beach.
Then we took them around Cockington Village (arts and craft, heritage centre) some lovely work displayed, bumped into the girls from Hamble & Jemima there, they have just set up a unit on the site. We got home around 8.30 in the evening.

Saturday : Dale was getting pay back for walking too much yesterday, poor man, he was doubled up with the pain in his back. We stayed in.

Sunday: We thought we would go into town and enjoy the food flavour fest in Plymouth city centre,where I bought an easy yo yoghurt maker.  Then we had to get Dale some new shoes, no mean feet (excuse the pun), we have to find shoes not to heavy as the pain of walking and driving in normal shoes can be a major problem, then we have to try and get slip ons and sometimes he cannot bend to tie laces (he does not like me dressing him all the time on the bad days, independance and pig headed ness but also understandable.)  They also have to be Trendy/ fashionable.  We did eventually find some, but by this time, the limp was more pronounced and I could see the leg giving away more and more, so insisted we go home.

Monday: Gym in the morning , Dale still not good, so enforced prisonment to house.

Tuesday: Dale is stressed that having me home and not going out is mucking up my break, we decide to goto Looe we play the penny machines and buy fresh monkfish from the fish market - we are home by 12 noon. So he can rest. No such luck bad news about a relative sees him planning a visit to see his family in the midlands.

Wed: Home alone go to the gym and then home to chill.
Thurs: Swiming then home, to hear Dale is coming home tonight late after visiting his uncle in Hospital his mind is put to rest for NOW! Long term prognosis not good!

So not been crafting, Dales birthday tomorrow so hoping to spoli him for a bit, then maybe get some crafting in at the weekend.  If I do I promise to share.

Just needed to get it out, sorry.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Not for a challenge, not for work - Just for me

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Kanban card and sentiment, Cuddly Buddly digi image and polys again!!

Crikey nearly a week gone by again - so sorry!!

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I know I have not posted any pretties for a while, but quite frankly I lost the plot. My MOJO left me high and dry.

But then Yesterday I stood at the shop counter and coloured - Now I know cute is all the rage, but those of you that know me really well, will be well aware I am a sucker for roses!!
 Always have, always will. Be it the actual flowers in the garden, papers, fabric, embellishments, ribbons, the chocolates (but thats another story) But mostly stamps, I have lost count of the amounts of rose stamps I have purchased over the years for myself and the shop, and this week was no

This week this little beauty came into the shop from Kanban its called Vintage rose.

At £4.99 its a snip.

So I set to work with my polychromas pencils and lost myself in my own little bubble.

Did a little bit of distressing and left it on the counter, whilst I  went for a stroll around blogland, where I chanced upon this months i{heart}2stamp challenge who have a sketch challenge this time around and a prize on offer. Please go check them out, I have said many times that we all need a little inspiration every now and then (or as I call it my fix).

Any who back to my card for the challenge.  I took the Stamped image, all coloured in an set to work with the new Melissa Frances 5th Avenue Papers. And followed the sketch, I am quite happy with this one even if I do say so myself. LOL!!

Everything on this card is available in Just Tracys Crafts (Bricks and Mortar shop) as of today!

Happy crafting

Tracy xxx

Monday, 1 August 2011

Crafters Companion - Glitter and Glitz Challenge

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Hi all back as promised with the second post today.

In between time I have ran for 30 minutes at the gym, played badminton for a full hour, done the weekly shop, and  got weighed, another 1/2lb gone.

So any who, over on the Crafters Companion Challenge blog this month the theme was Glitter and Glitz

Here is my entry, which will be a workshop later in the year at Just Tracys Crafts, it is a desktop calendar and matching box.

lots of bling and iridescent spray was applied, Humphrey Stamps, boxer board, spectrum noirs and coredinations cardstock - a truly lovely project stuffed with Crafters Companions products LOL!!!

Go check out the rest of the awesome DT work and try your luck to win this months fabby prize.
Tracy xxxx

Just Tracys Challenge Time Whoohoo!!

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Yep Pinch punch and all that!
We have seen another month go whizzing by and soon the nights will be drawing in, but that gives us all the excuse to stay in at night and craft YAY!!!!

So Just Tracys has the new challenge for August up and this month we are keeping it simple the theme is Happy Birthday and Ellephantastic has sponsored us and all the DT have used her images.

Do pop over and see all the DT work and welcome the new DT member Karen K.

So heres my card

I coloured the main image with the new Spectrum Noir pens from crafters Companion,
Made the sentiment myself on the old computer.

added a couple of hearts, ribbon, paper and Voila!!

Back later with my Crafters Companion Challenge Card!!


Tracy xxx


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