Might just be finding my mojo!

I know don't, tell anyone as it may go into hiding again.

I have not been feeling the love for crafting at all lately.

As a diehard stamper and general crafter for nearly 12 years now, things started to feel a little stale.

Nothing really new has come onto the market to wow me! A stamp is a stamp is a stamp. A die is a die is a die. Do you know what I mean? How many different papers can you possibly justify having.

But this week, we had another sad incident, not going into it as I have decided to try to post a happy post for a change LOL!!

I digress this incident saw me being indoors a lot being there for my husband, and I wandered upto my craft space and sat.

The first day I just sat and sighed, and looked around at my stash, pulled out the guillotine a piece of paper, made a cut and nothing came no juices flowed.

Second day, up I went again, and thought mmm! Anything but a card! So I set to making a mini album, and I made a template of it. Surprise surprise, I loved it. So a workshop for September was born.



Inspired I went on, now I know it's only August but my mind turned to December, we always do unusual workshops and makes for December in the shop and I happily played, with a piece of chipboard and some hooks from B&Q. October workshop planned.


My mind is racing at the moment with a few other makes, and the beauty is although I cannot be in my shop :-( I can work from home and feel like I am not letting anybody down.

(I put so much pressure on myself - my daughter sums me up as a people pleaser. I have to say yes to everybody regardless, I feel if I say I cannot do something people won't like me anymore).

So this week I learnt, I may not be in the shop as I am comforting my husband, but to be honest I have done more work for the shop in these two days, than I would normally get done all week actually being in. Go Figure. More to the point being out of a shop full of craft stash looking at it all and getting overwhelmed what to do, being away with limited supplies made my creativity kick in.

Long may it continue.



Cards by Alison said…
Ooh Tracy let me know when you do the class for this one as I would love to have a go. Glad your mojo has returned. Sorry to miss you in the shop today, hope to see you soon. Love Alison xx
Debbie X said…
Oh Tracy I do hope you are okay! So love to see your creations!
Sending lots of (((hugs)))
Debbie xxx