A little something to show and a little something to tell!!

So yesterday saw the shop opening it's doors again on a Tuesday, this is for a trial period to see if it is viable.

A couple of people did come in, but it was very quiet, which I suppose is only to be expected for now.

But that did allow me time to make a card for a workshop.

A very simple Christmas card, these would be easy to do as a production line method, lovely for friend and acquaintances.

At last I made a card. Just hope my ladies like it.

Simple techniques of embossing, masking, colouring.

Less is more card.

Well that was something to show.

Now for something to tell, we'll at the top of my blog just underneath the heading you will see a new tab, about weight watching and running. That's where all my posts regarding those items will be. So this will page will be crafty, that page will be lifey, sometimes recipes and sometimes running and just a bit of everything in between.

That's all for now xx

Hugs xx





Vicki said…
Simply stunning, elegant card!!
Stunning Card Tracy will have to check out your new opening hours as I need a few bits and bobs. Love Alison xx
Bernie Simmons said…
I like the blue you have used....xxx And is that an indigo blu stamp I see?
Tracy said…
nope not indigo blu x