OUCH!!!! and double OUCH!!!!!

Yesterday was a lovely day in the shop. Gossiping the day away with Karen.
Cutting material for a quilt. 
Keeping on track ww wise. 
Checking in on facebook every now and again.


Then OOH! Mad decision, spur of the moment decision, when will I learn??????
On FB chatting to a friend, she says - ooh a few of us are doing a gentle bimble/jog tonight on the moor if you fancy it?
me says - might, how far?
she says - 11 miles, gentle though.
me says okay.

20 minutes pass, 
she says - don't forget your headlamp! and rain jacket.
me says - what time?
she says - meeting everyone at 9pm.

NOW any sane person, alarm bells would ring, Me NO!

me says - okay.

Fast forward it is 9 in the evening on a saturday night. I am stood in a car park in Princetown with my running gear on, water pack and a headlamp, picture a lamb to the slaughter if you like.

Off we go, running nicely, for nine miles, then it gets rocky, hilly, turfy stubs. this ensues for 3 miles,  at one point my toe connects with a thud with a protruding boulder, I slide forward, very gracefully even if I do say so myself, land on my elbows with my A**e in the air, and then we get back on flat for a mile to return to the carpark!

13, yep 13 miles, a bloomin half marathon! in the pitch black on the moors.

Despite my top right thigh and calves screaming for the last mile, the blister on my left heal, the blister on my right foot near my big toe (thanks to new trail shoes, only previously worn once by moi). Despite the Bruise on my right knee.


The photo below is my fellow Adventurers and myself, our friend Dave was taking the photo.


Elaine said…
You are a mad woman, but then all Muskies are at some time or another...well done Tracy xx
Tracy said…
Totally and utterly lost the plot. You will be with us soon enough mwah ha ha!
Jill said…
Has anyone told you are mad??!! Jill x
Tracy said…
yep, the list is growing daily lOL!
Crazy lady but glad you enjoyed it. Love Alison xx