Not a great week so today I baked!!

So the abyss reclaimed me for most of this week, but I had a great night with Elaine on Thursday we were supposed to be gyming but when we got there and it was very very busy, Elaine was struggling to find a parking space, we quickly realised there was no chance, and to be honest the thought of going in on such a busy night was terrifying me on the inside. I would have breathed deep and chanced my luck if we had got a space as, exercise seems to bring me up for a couple of hours.

 Alas it was not to be and so we opted for a quick escape to have a natter and a refreshment at the George. OOPS!

Maybe I should have read this first.

So I am just going to pass over friday and this morning, you really don't want to know, trust me blah blah, moan moan, whoa is me.

I knew when I got up this morning I would probably need to stay in, but I was not going to succumb to another nothing day. So I baked.

Dale is enjoying them and we passed in some to our next door neighbours, who kindly cut down some heavy branches off of our tree this morning. The tree was in the front garden and when the storm blows it banged on our bathroom window, prevention is better than cure.

Thats all for today, I am now going to sit and read. I so want to manage a day in the shop this week, so I have to behave.