Day two of blog challenge

Now be patient with me today, its a tough day. I have, been asked why I put this stuff here, well it is not necessarily for you all to read, it is more about me getting it out of my head, but if it helps others in my predicament realise they are not alone, all the better! I love the comfort and support blogging gives and comes back in ten fold. I don't mean to offend, hurt or embarrass anyone, but on the other hand I don't want the same back.

I awoke 7.45am to the sound of my mum knocking the door to discover I had overslept, (we had an early morning swim planned to see if that would get me moving for the day ahead.) We still went and we did 18 lengths at a very nice pace, as I had to be home for 9.15am.

Then It was off to Counselling, not for me this time but Hubby to help him to get over losing both parents so soon, one after the other.

Then Home for a Quick Lunch before I go say goodbye to a dear friends mum. (Yes another Funeral).

Enough waffle!

Back to the Challenge!

How have you Changed in the last 2 years!

OMG! where do I start. I am 6 stone lighter for beginners, I like exercise now too. I have the most amazing and caring people in my life. Four of which I Will protect fiercely: Karen, Lynn, Elaine and Nova.  So Yay to the positives.

The down sides: less confident, more stressed and anxious and hit with depression ( Good news these things are all things I can work on and change).

Where do I want to be in 10 Years?

Honestly = Happy and content. Fit and Healthy
 I don't crave fame, ambition or loads of money. I just want the time to spend with family and friends pure and simple.


Lainey said…
I love this blog....well done you, I am doing a copy cat one too....not sure I can answer these two just yet ? and yes.....I would fiercely protect you too xxx
Bernie Simmons said…
Me three Tracy .....We don't see each other from one month to the next but you know I hope you only have to pick up the phone and if I can help I will ....Hugs to you and yours xxx
I think for the record this is the bravest thing I have seen you do or anyone to lay bare their feeling like this xx God Bless you and Dale xxx
Tracy said…
Oh Great, will pop along and check it out. Hugs xxx
Tracy said…
I know you are there for me Bernie, I am so glad you are enjoying your new venture. Thank you for the kind words. It is helping to make me see things a bit clearer xx