My challenge post today!

Okay straight to the challenge post today, as its too early to report on my day today.

What do you wear to bed?

My husband - HA HA HA!! - No seriously, I tend to be a very warm person at night, so in the words of Marilyn Monroe's famous quote " Chanel no5" I would Have to "opium" my perfume. Unless it is very cold or staying over at a friends house then it has to be my onsie.

Your Views on Religion?

Now I was christened, but I do not practice. In all honesty whilst I do not wish to offend any one who practices any religion. I know a lot of people find a lot of inner peace from their beliefs, but to me it has a lot to add to the world problems at presents, most battles in today's society in my humble opinion have a lot to do with religions not practising what they preach about living in harmony, side by side regardless of beliefs/religion. Each to their own.

Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Support me, I'll support you.  Be horrible to me, I'll still try to be nice to you. Hurt me, and you are out of my life. This is my religion.


Lainey said…
you make me smile..... :-) This is a great idea though....xx