Phew Day 3!

Well what can I say today.

Today I got up and went to the shop and did half a day, it was lovely as Karen, Jill and I actually chatted about the shop, future things and we also giggled. 

Home now after being naughty and having a pasty for lunch as it was late (oops).

Feeling a little bit positive today. :-)

So today's challenge questions?

What Kind Of person Attracts You?

MMM!! Caring and compassionate, friendly, loyal, funny. Enjoy the same hobbies etc. Thats what attracts me to others as friends.

When it comes to men, the traits above are similar as I prefer what's on the inside, to what's on the outside. Now if its on looks, I am drawn to dark hair, dark eyes and a strong jaw line, eyes that actually smile. I also like to feel that a man will put his arms around you to protect you when needed, but allow you the freedom to spend time with friends when needed too. Which is why I am in Luck, I married Dale who manages all of these at some time or other.

Your Views on Drugs and alchohol?

Well depends on what drugs? Medication tablets if its needed its needed. Marijuana for health reasons as I believe it helps in some medical conditions, should be given through the health service in a controlled way.

I do not condone drug taking at all in any other way. I abhor it.

Alcohol - to me its okay. I would love to say I only ever drink in moderation, but I admit to several parties where I have been sozzled, well and truly. But to be fair, I don't drink on a daily,weekly or monthly basis. The last time I had a drink was New Years Eve. I will have a drink this Saturday as I am going to a friends house to stay, Girlie night in. 
I do find it hard to see how it can effect others and how it becomes addictive to them. 
To me binge drinking in the younger generations happens because of the total Not until you are old enough thing, as it then becomes taboo with parents and a rebellious thing. I think we should educate our children with a small glass of wine with a meal if it is  a special occasion  and with the parents knowledge and consent.


Bernie Simmons said…
Glad you had a giggle xx
Karen Hoskin said…
It was great to see you today we had a lovely morning, must do it again when you feel able
Tracy said…
It was nice to actually be able to sit and chat, I felt nice and relaxed, and part of the team again xx