30 day blog challenge.

Okay It's partly for me to unload ( still to many bad days against good days at the moment.), 
but partly for you to find out more about me to see why I am me and how I roll.

To do this I found a couple of 30 day blog challenge thingies on Pinterest,
 to help me with my self discovery so to speak.

So today is day one.

here we go:

 Weird things you do when you are alone?

Ahem ..... When I am alone??? When is that EVER?? 
Seriously when I am alone I tend to sit in a quiet room and just brush me Oscar dog, 
it seems to bring calm to me and him. Believe me we both need it.

Current relationship?

I have been married to Dale for 17 years,
 very happily so. (without outside interference, it could have been easier. Enough said 
about the occasions and persons the better, suffice to say I have cut those people
 out of my life, unfortunately Dale Cannot. We are in perfect agreement on this.)
 We stand together united through it all and realise
 we may not have money and possessions but we are very rich
 in our relationship, daughters and friends x 
 I Love him, he loves me, we are a happy family (tee hee).

Like all couples we have differences of opinion, 
but with ours and our relationships maturity 
we are at the stage we cannot be assed to argue over things. 
We Compromise.

Thats all for today.


Bernie Simmons said…
There first day over....not so hard was it....things I do when I'm alone Humph chance would be a fine thing. things I would like to do ....dont laugh have a bath....by myself without the phone going or "MUM where my?" or Rory shouting Mummy boobies!!!!!
Tracy said…
LOL Bernie, chance for you would be a fine thing indeed x