Decision Made!

It has taken me a long time to come to a very important decision. I have been thinking of it for a while now and it is time to tell.

I am withdrawing from all Design Teams, Demonstration programmes and such like. 

I have had a fab 10 years covering most of the south west for several companies in my time; but have reached a stage in my life, where I feel I have done all I can.

 I have made some amazing friends in the crafting world, but just as much the egos and back stabbing of a select few has left me despondent and disliking of the circuit. 
Along with myself I have seen many lovely ladies hurt, used for their skills and left, hung out to dry when no longer needed. I have been fortunate and would not have swapped most of it for anything.

When my love of crafting returns, I will be beside the lovely Ladies, Karen, Marion and Jill in the shop, doing what we love most crafting, gossiping and giggling. Teaching in the shop will no doubt return one day, but not yet, I need more time to enjoy crafting for me alone again.  

I thank each and everyone of you who have supported me be it other demonstrators, shop owners or craft enthusiasts who came and watched me when I was sat in a corner of a craft store.

So Moving forward.

I aim to continue to get on top of my depression, anxiety and stress and manage it better.
I aim to return to the shop as said previously.
I aim to write a journal so I can see improvement, or slip ups.
I aim to run and tone up.

I aim to Laugh, Smile, Chat, Moan and get slightly tiddled with Great friends at home in Plymouth and in Berkshire.
 I aim to enjoy crafting again, and you will get to see the projects I make on here as and when I create.

, Just Tracys Crafts are doing a new class soon : an All about me book, I hope to attend as a participant, phone 01752 340317 for more info. Karen and Jill know all about it as it is Jill's baby.

I have cheated and made a little start on my first page, as I LOVE notebooks and pens (geeky me), still a lot to do but I am playing with zentangle.


Jill said…
Who said you could start before everyone else eh???? Xx
Tracy said…
OOPS Sorry Teach!! You may have to put me in the naughty corner xxx
Bernie Simmons said…
BIG MASSIVE HUGS Tracy xxxxxx may not see each other but I know you are always there the same works for me <3 here if you need me xxxxxxx good luck with the zentangle !
Karen Hoskin said…
no - there's too many already in the naughty corner! You'll have to join me in the chill room. he he he see you soon I hope
Debbie Goodman said…
Hi Tracy

You make sure you take all the time that you need for YOURSELF!

Craft up a storm girl and enjoy it again.

You know where I am if you ever fancy a natter.

Take care you.

julie_woolston said…
Oh Tracey I am sorry I have only just seen this, sending you massive hugs hun, I know where your coming from, I have been there and it's not a nice place to be.

Hugs Julie xxxx