Oops nearly forgot to do my challenge post!

The questions today are the same but different,

What 5 things irritate you about men?

1) That they don't open up to anyone about their true feelings - instead they bottle it all up. Why? It's not good for anybody to do this.

2) They leave it too late to go get serious medical conditions looked at by a doctor, so it's uncomfortable or embarrassing, but it's better than the alternative surely.

3) leaving the toilet seat up, I don't get it, is it really so difficult to at least put one lid back down. I don't mind putting it down, but every single time they leave it up.

4) Not paying attention to what we say, and then saying, you never asked me to that, told me about that, etc etc.

5) man flu - Nuff said !!!!!!


What 5 things irritate you about women?

1) How critical we are of ourselves. We always want to improve something, change something about ourselves.

2) Over Fakeness - I mean, boobs, nails, eyelashes, tans, hair extensions. Don't get me wrong any one on its own can be okay if done subtly, but all together and done to much really!!!

3) Slaves to fashion - do some women not look at what they look like in their clothes before going out. Clothes don't have to be expensive to look tidy, fit, clean etc. really thongs, too tight and low slung jeans with a builders bum is not a good luck, neither are leggings stretched so tight people can see the colour of your underwear. ( now I sound like my nan, and I am only 43!)

4) shouting, swearing and fighting in the street, ladies is just wrong okay?

5) Bitchieness - not nice, (oh please ignore post, 2,3 & 4 how bitchy of me! LOL!)