Mrs motivator has been an worked her magic x

My dear friend Elaine Blake, came to the shop today to play, and she has metaphorically speaking kicked my butt.

So I am now in a much more positive mood, healthy eating plan has been good this week but I still shied away from doing any form of exercise.

Thanks to Elaine, Monday will see me return to weight watchers for a gold member weigh in (scary stuff) then after that onto circuit training with the running club.

Zumba Tuesday night to see what all the hype was about and then Thursday night I will go back to running club to see everyone and to see if I remember how to run.

I may even poodle around Plymouth Half Marathon at the end of April just to do it (not for a time or anything else) as I paid my dues and don't want to lose the entrance fee.

Right I have to go as I am in work and should be doing something else!







Elaine said… know you want to. I am looking forward to it all, even the running. Xx