Mmm!!! List of things I would like to do!

Well whilst I was catching up on few friends blogs today, I came across Elaine's blog and she had made a small list of things she would like to do.

This got me to thinking, what do I want to do again!


No 1) Regain control of my eating healthy - let it slip the last couple of months, but started rejuvenated again today, SF jelly in the fridge, butternut squash soup and celeriac and potato soup all batched cooked for lunches for the next two weeks.

No 2) Get back to some form of excercise - have not done anything serious for months, so will restart this week, anybody know of some good excercise classes on Tuesdays during the day or tue,wed,fri evenings. Would love to try zumba or kettle bells.

No 3) I am going to have strict times when I work at home, every other Monday being one day for sure, as I have claimed that as my workshop prep day.

That's my three things to put into place this month!





mamof9 said…
Loved reading that, I think it's a fab idea to do a list, it's something to work towards and hard not to after telling everyone on your blog what your doing x