Weigh in Day

Sorry for the late post but needed to get my weigh in tonight and the evening meal out of the way.


So what Have I managed to get done today! Well this little card was a joy to make!  I took inspiration from all the bunting that seems to be everywere in the crafting world at the moment, and put the snowflakes on ribbon like bunting.

As you can see I have used the same stamp as yesterday, so this is going to be one in the kit.


This morning I was up and at them quite early, 9am I was at the gym treadmill and weights were the order of the day! 

Then home showered and crafting as above.  This afternoon was spent sat in the back garden reading my latest book, till it was time to get ready for weigh in.  So all in all a relaxing, do nothing day.


Still Falling Star - too early to comment - but nice easy read!


Weigh in day --   Lost 1lb wayhay!!!  3 stone 7lbs gone   49lb in total and my 7th silver seven.

Breakfast: banana, milk, porridge 7PP

Lunch: slice toast  4PP

Treat tonight Chippy fish and chips 30PP
 (felt bloated and uncomfortable afterwards, so won't have that as a treat again)

ww bar 2PP

Total 43PP  so 14 of 49 weeklies used

Gym 40 minutes on treadmill at level 4, 4mph,
then 4 lower body weights 2 x 15 reps on each.


Rachel Webber said…
OMG, you've lost 3.5 stone, that's so amazing, well done!

Loving your Christmas cards at the moment, that little snowman is fab!
Cards by Alison said…
Well done Tracy you are doing great, love the card, hope to be shopping with you this week sometime. Alison xxx