Back to work!!

Well this morning saw me returning to my lovely little craft shop, ooh it was like going home!!

I Am re-energised and hope to change things around a bit, back to re-focussing on the main area, I felt like I lost my way for a bit, need to talk things through with a couple of people but onwards and upwards as they say.


Today sees another project for the embossing powder company and I did so enjoy playing nice with them along with the acetate, cricut and a few stamps and embellishments.

This time I have made a gift, Ideal for little presents or dare I say it Stocking fillers!

Looks like a cupcake but is actually socks!

Sorry the photography is not to good today.


Well as I said earlier, I went back to work this morning, saw some of the lovely goodies that have come in and I like the way Karen and Jill have rearranged some of the goodies. 

Came home for a lovely lunch, and lot of work to do.
Dales' back is very bad again and I hope to have convinced him to goto the Doctors ASAP!

Tonight I am going out!  I have been invited to a pampered chef party
- not sure what they are about but will go and let you know tomorrow -
OOH that means I will have a life outside of crafting, how strange.


Fallen Star:  Bit same oh same oh!  Its not gripping me.


Greasy food is no longer for me.
 Yesterdays Fish and chips weighed heavy all night and I just felt YUKKY!

Breakfast: Porridge, Milk, Banana 7PP
Lunch:  Warburtons square wrap, passata, mushroom, onion, tomato, cheese pizza 6PP
French fries crisp 2PP

14PP left Scallops with spaghetti is on the menu this evening and then maybe a glass of wine Depending on points.

Till tomorrow
Tracy xxx


Jill said…
Ooh food today is so good, sounds really yummy! Enjoy your night out! Jill x