Holiday from work and craft!

I know I have been missing a while, but I have been having a week away from the shop, Demos, workshops and crafting in general.  Just felt like I needed a little break.

Nothing booked or planned just time at home.  So What have I been upto??

Thursday : Zip, nadda nothing - stayed in bed till 9, then just chilled out and refused to do anything.

Friday: Gym at 7am for 40 minutes of rowing and then weights, home, shower and then off to Hope Cove to see friends on holiday from Newbury, we ended up going to Torquay with them and having Fish and chips in a pier side cafe (YUMMY!!) walked around for a bit and enjoyed an ice cream by the beach.
Then we took them around Cockington Village (arts and craft, heritage centre) some lovely work displayed, bumped into the girls from Hamble & Jemima there, they have just set up a unit on the site. We got home around 8.30 in the evening.

Saturday : Dale was getting pay back for walking too much yesterday, poor man, he was doubled up with the pain in his back. We stayed in.

Sunday: We thought we would go into town and enjoy the food flavour fest in Plymouth city centre,where I bought an easy yo yoghurt maker.  Then we had to get Dale some new shoes, no mean feet (excuse the pun), we have to find shoes not to heavy as the pain of walking and driving in normal shoes can be a major problem, then we have to try and get slip ons and sometimes he cannot bend to tie laces (he does not like me dressing him all the time on the bad days, independance and pig headed ness but also understandable.)  They also have to be Trendy/ fashionable.  We did eventually find some, but by this time, the limp was more pronounced and I could see the leg giving away more and more, so insisted we go home.

Monday: Gym in the morning , Dale still not good, so enforced prisonment to house.

Tuesday: Dale is stressed that having me home and not going out is mucking up my break, we decide to goto Looe we play the penny machines and buy fresh monkfish from the fish market - we are home by 12 noon. So he can rest. No such luck bad news about a relative sees him planning a visit to see his family in the midlands.

Wed: Home alone go to the gym and then home to chill.
Thurs: Swiming then home, to hear Dale is coming home tonight late after visiting his uncle in Hospital his mind is put to rest for NOW! Long term prognosis not good!

So not been crafting, Dales birthday tomorrow so hoping to spoli him for a bit, then maybe get some crafting in at the weekend.  If I do I promise to share.

Just needed to get it out, sorry.


Jill said…
Happy Birthday to Dale, hope he likes that gorgeous card!

We have missed you Tracy - will see you Tuesday! Jill x