Time for something completely different!


I need to get some samples made today for WOW embossing powders, these powders are lovely and so many in the range, they will be coming to the shop soon!

What has that got to do with the image below, well if you look closely enough, you will see that the main focal beads are actually made out of watercolour cardstock, Green and Gold Embossing powder and a gold gem!!

It is teamed with a memory wire necklace and some green and gold seed beads. 
 You will not believe how light it is to wear!


Dale is having a really bad day again, back wise, He is tryng really hard to have a normal day, but just to see him walk around is heart breaking, I have tried to get him to rest but he won't listen.
I fear he is going to keel over with every step!
So I have sooo much work to do today we have to stay in!  I hope that ploy works (its okay he does not read the blog).


Same as yesterday - good book for dieters to read!


Did not get to the gym yesterday, am so annoyed, it was my decision but god I regretted it last night, I felt sluggish and lethargic, so Monday I will be there come hell or high water!

Breakfast: Porridge, banana, milk for today  7pp
Lunch:  Sandwich, red grapes and S&V french fries  8pp
Tea: Steak,  potato wedges, mushroom and onions (need to work out points)


Jill said…
Poor Dale, must be so frustrating for him. Gorgeous necklace Tracy, will look forward to the embossing powders! Jill x
Rachel Webber said…
Poor Dale, I know exactly what you mean though - Geoff will not stay still, even if it's in his best interests, they just don't want to let their disability get them down. Love the necklace, I've never played with memory wire, so really must give that a go.

You are doing brilliantly on your diet - you'll disappear soon at this rate!