Our wedding anniversary - so just a quick post.

Up early 6.30am off to gym at 7. Then off to work.

Well today is my wedding anniversary 15 Years and what did we do to celebrate diddly swat! To be honest thats the way we like it.

We decided not to exchange presents as at the beginning of the month I bought my self a Kindle and my hubby bought something he JUST HAD TO HAVE!! for his CB rig.

We have however just sat down to a lovely meal and a nice glass of wine, we can now relax indoors.

This is the card I did make for my hubby, I know it is a bit over the top but if you cannot get smoochy on your wedding anniversary, when can you?

to be honest I just have not had the time.

Breakfast: porridge, milk, banana 7pp
Lunch: ww meal 6pp, 2 pp crisp
Evening meal: pasta, tomatos, mushroom, onion, asda meatfree meatballs and a glass of wine.

Gym 20 Minutes x trainer
Bike 15 Minutes
4 different weight machines for upper body 2 x 15 reps on each.


Just call me G said…
By the time I eventually get over to the shop again... I won't recognise you xxx

Happy Anniversary to the both of you :-)
Rachel Webber said…
Happy anniversary! Love the card, those teddies are just gorgeous.

Jill said…
Wonderful card as always Tracy! Jill x