Happy New year and I will be back crafting again Promise!

I have had a total break from crafting over Christmas and I must admit I think it did me good, Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT, All of it, but I needed to take the pressure off and spend time with my Family and Friends, although It has not been without heartache.

 I lost a Friend, I am losing an Uncle, my husbands family have made the heart breaking decision to put His dad into a home as he is just getting more violent with his alzhiemers, and two more close friends have been diagnosed with cancer, one has secondary and the other has just been diagnosed so don't know how bad yet.

But Not all doom and Gloom, I had my children to me for Christmas day, mum came to me boxing day evening, Sarah (youngest daughter turned 23) on the 27th, then we had some quiet time.  It was also meant to be a quiet New Years Eve, I'll skip over all the Gory details but just to give you a hint, went to next door for one drink at 7pm, got to bed at 3.45am, apparently even went to the pub at one point to see my mum and an old friend, daughter also gatecrashed our evening LOL!!

Huge Hint a dieting Tracy, a bottle of her own Dissarano Liquer (my obsession with almonds runs from Stazon ink pads to alcohol - should I be worried), a pub that sold the same liquer and no diet lemonade of coke, so after a few did not want to waste the calories on the light stuff, I was Absolutely sloshed, gatecrashed next doors party for another 2 hours, abandoned Hubby and daughter at the said party, went home snuggled up to my barney dog and fell sound asleep!  (TRACY IT IS NOT BIG AND IT IS NOT CLEVER -  oh but it was fun!)

Any how today I have made up for it.

Those that know me know I have been dieting and trying to get fit with Weight Watchers, well I only put on 1.5lbs at Christmas over 2 weeks - not bad, and I blame New years Eve entirely.  Any who, I sometimes remember to blog over there, and here to show you all how good I have been today for my New Years Digression is todays post.

Well today I got up pretending I was already back to work, just to get used to the hours again. No I am not mad - it was also treadmill delivery day. Whoop Whoop!!  Newbies take note this is not a normal day!!

Anytime between 10.30 and 12.30 I was told and 11.30 it came. But that is jumping ahead.

My morning consisted of a nice healthy breakfast oats so simple - with milk from daily allowance and the smallest banana I have ever seen, 1st cup of coffee. (I am limiting myself to 3 a day).

Then I decided to get ahead and make some zero point soups for my lunches the next few days, So one batch of Tomato, Carrot and butternut squash on and another of Curried butternut squash, all done and divided up, with labels on to put in the freezer alongside my brocolli, leek and cauliflower I did on New Years Eve. So dinners for 10 days done!! Will mix it up with salads on other days so at least 2 weeks prep done.

Then all the excitement of unpacking my new toy ( I mean my very good piece of excercise equipment). Well I could not wait to have ago, did 20 minutes on level 7km/ph. covered 2.75km.
Other Half then said I had to have my lunch, big bully!! (Sulking cause you wanna play is not a good look on an overweight lady with a now beetroot coloured face.)

Lunch today was a healthy one,
Salad: lettuce, cucmber, tomato, pickled onions (those silverskin ones that catch in the back of my throat and make my eyes water and choke me ones that I Just cannot help loving), beetroot, wafer thin ham, 1 boiled egg, salad cream (heinz ex light).
Clementine, and walkers frenchfries crisp.

I then rested for an hour and contemplated returning to my shop tomorrow, I cannot wait to see my business partner Karen again (funny we work together all year and at Christmas we have a whole week away from one another, I miss her a lot - I hope the feeling is mutual, I can be a nag and a worry wort.) We own a papercraft/ knitting/quilting shop, its quite relaxed and informal and a friendly enviroment but hard to keep the activity levels up. So may need to get used to excercise around work hours again may be a bit Hard.

Ooh gone totally off track there SORRY!!

After my thinking I then did EA active 2 for my Aerobics toning workout today, 25 minutes and then it was glinting at me in the corner and yep I got back on the treadmill and did another run of 15 minutes interspersed with 12 minutes walking this included the 5 minute cool down, but another 3km covered.

This is a very rare day for me so much activity and prepping and all, that whilst my hubby cooks my healthy evening meal, fish, potatoes and veg, I think I will have a shower and then have a little relax!!

Hope you all have a good day!!


Jill said…
Hi Tracy.
Sounds as if you have had a fun Christmas and New Year - Happy New Year!! See you soon. Jill x