Heavy Heart

It is with A breaking heart that I am writing this post today.

On Sunday 15th January 2012
at 10.30am
I had to have my beloved Barney, put to sleep.

Barney we got as a rescue dog when he was just 10 months old in the November 1999.
My Dad passed away one month after getting my first ever "PUPPY".

To this day I still called Barney "MY PUPPY", he was like my baby and I loved him.
He saw me through those dark days of losing my dad.

He was very jealous of anybody who tried to get my love and attention, not in a nasty way - but in Hey back off bucko if there are cuddles to go around I am having them all.

He gave me much fun and laughter in my life and it was an honour and a privilege to have been allowed to have him in my life.

My Mum would joke the pecking order for my love was always
The Dog
The Girls (MY Daughters)
Then maybe Dale (HUBBY).

He suffered with muscle wastage to his head in November/ December last year 2011, but the vets said he was not in any discomfort, and he could go on a long while yet.

Last night he came to bed as normal, this morning at 8.00am he followed me for my toilet break as normal, I went back to bed for 30 minutes, got up and then it happened, Barney would not move, his hind legs had gone, his eyes unfocused.

He was being sick. The vets agreed it was time to say goodbye.
I was with him till the very end and I thanked him for all of his unconditional love as I held him in my arms as he slipped away.

Run free my best friend - I will love you always.


Lisa said…
Oh Tracy I am so sorry to hear your sad news.

RIP beautiful boy

Love & Hugs

Lisa xx
Jan said…
Aw Tracy hun I have been in your shoes a couple of times. It's heart breaking. You gave him so much love & a good home. You should be proud of yourself. Eventually you will remember with a smile. Sending you big hugs xx Jan
Alysha said…
Sorry to hear your sad news sweetie - Barney will be running happily and healthily at Rainbow Bridge now xxx (((((hugs)))))
Anonymous said…
My heart goes out to you, somebody who has not had a dog might not understand. But they are special and leave a huge hole
Jill said…
Losing an animal,whether its a horse, dog, cat or guinea pig is utterly devastating, and I know exactly how you are feeling Tracy. Just sending you love and hugs. Jill x
Debs Willis said…
Oh Tracy, I am so sorry to hear about Barney. My fur baby is a Barney too, of the ginger tom variety. We went through something similar with our last cat, and it does break your heart, as they are part of the family.

Sending you hugs xxxx

Heike said…
I am so sorry Tracy. Sending you massive hugs.

Heike xx