I have been quiet! Vita perseverat.(life goes on)

Hello, I have had 2 good weeks, I made it into the shop a couple of times. Was able to socialize at ease, spent valuable time with family and friends. Managed gym and even managed weight watchers last night, bit of a shock there but what went on will come off. I have had more important issues to deal with and still do.

Went to the doctors yesterday and I am going in the right direction, but have to admit I always feel worse after going docs and to therapy. It seems to knock me down. Never mind  I am getting there.

I know I have not posted questions lately as I had thought I was better and  being to maudlin on this blog, but you quickly learn better than I was is not depression and anxiety free and this blog helps me sort my head out. So back to it.

1) Dog or cat person?

Dog hands down without question
Dogs sense when you want cuddles, cats demand cuddles when they want them.
Dogs will take any treat you give them and are so grateful, cats turn their noses up.
Dogs welcome you home wholeheartedly like a long lost friend every time you go out, cats meaow at you angrily for not being there to serve them.
Dogs love long walks and jumping in puddles. Cats nadda.

2) Lots of friends or a select few?

I used to want everyone to like me, hence the way I am now. As I have soul searched my self worth I have realised I only have a few really close friends. My inner circle for venting, crying at happy or sad news, screaming in frustration, laughing at my own stupidity.Quality over quantity every time xxx