Time to get back to me!

I have had the strangest couple of weeks,

I went away on holiday with my youngest daughter and when I came home it was like returning to some kind of twilight zone.
 Things were the same, but were they??
 Everything seemed just a little bit different.

Could not quite put my finger on it, but things were definitely different. I went from being very euphoric at being home from a lovely holiday to being really down and sad at things that appeared to have changed. So I ate!

Then I kicked myself about a bit and realised a wedding I was invited too was fast approaching so no point dieting until after that so I ate some more.

I have come to realise, when things start to go wrong in whatever field in my life - I blame me!!

If work is not good - I am bad at my job so must leave.
If family and friends disagree/ argue / or stay away - I must have done something wrong and agree with everyone to keep the peace, and do what they want to do rather than what I want. This really seems to piss my husband off.

So from today it stops. I have made a little rule - It is okay to be selfish and do what I need to do. I will still see family and friends and they will still see me if they want to, but on 50/50 terms.

Add this too the fact that I am now back tracking Pro Points and exercising things should see me being strong again.

Another thing is that I have decided to give up booze, may not be for ever but no more am I going to drink for drinking sake because everyone else is - I really don't like it! It makes me feel yuck and that I have consumed something my body does not like. Not hungover at all, but really bloated and uncomfortable. So I am attempting a tee total life. So that's where I am at. Back to losing a stone in weight, for Christmas. Off for a swim now with my MUM xx Laters x