Happy but exhausted!!

Wow! I know its been a while since my last post, but things really started to happen quite quickly re my career break/ change.

My DBS/CRB check came back all clear last week, and then I was told I would be having my Induction week as a carer this week. So alongside Monday and Thursday in the shop. I have done 2 day shifts (7.30 am - 3pm), One back shift last night (3pm - 10pm) and another back shift this evening. So 6 days work for the first time since November. I must admit to a few wobbles of anxiety, but all in all a good week. I am enjoying the care work, although I am aware I am very much the newbie, and getting used to each shifts routine is a BIG learning curve. But I find my self smiling and laughing a lot with the resident.

I am also finding no trouble what so ever getting my daily steps in, just working yesterday and walking home earnt me 3 activity points. WHOOP! WHOOP!!

I have about 3 weeks "working" in the shop left to do. I have 2 more induction shifts at the home next week which are night shifts, the biggest test as the shifts are 10pm - 7.30 am.  So wish me luck!

I am hoping to relax tomorrow and maybe just maybe do a little quilting xx