Exploration into other bag making.

I am really enjoying sewing at the moment but feel a bit meh! when it comes to sewing my clothes as I am larger than I would like to be, so am thinking of holding off sewing clothing unless its in knit/jersey type materials until I shed a little bit of the weight I have gained.

I am however loving sewing bags, this obsession started with sewing project bags and selling them on etsy. More recently   I feel myself getting drawn into the world of bag making and I do not mean the quilting style. I mean proper handbags and purses.

I am so excited as I can see new additions to my Maker me etsy shop, that will be more sellable to non crafty people.

I thought I would show you my first make it is a free PDF downloadable pattern by Swoon patterns in the Ethel design.

I used the resources I had to hand, so slightly different interfacings and waddings were used to the pattern requirements, but I love it.

What do you think?

The pockets on the outside are repeated on the inside, it is an open tote bag so very, very easy to make.

Sewing is really helping me stay sane whilst off from work.