Do you remember this guy! If so bare with there is a point to this post.

Okay peeps, how many nodded and said yes? Show of hands Please.

For the unaware, it is sesame streets Count Dracula, he taught children all over the world to count, with his wannaaaa, two aaa, treaaa, style of counting.

I still recite him now.( I know I am sad, but that's me).

The thing is should we ever stop learning?

Answer is simply NO!

In everyday life we need to keep learning something new, and not be afraid to ask for help!

This also applies to those crafters, demonstrators and designers out there.

I got I could craft, I loved crafting, I got I could demonstrate and teach people, I love sharing.

What I did not grasp was the art of networking and showcasing my self properly.

At Networking I suck - basically trust issues left me, okay with strangers for 5 hours at a time, but wary if people wanted to get closer!

Lots of mistakes made in the past, weird it does not effect my demonstrating and teaching but I do have confidence issues, that I hide which makes me seem very confident. Does that make sense?

This week I have broken a few barriers down, and I have spent 30 minutes online with a lovely lady.

Emma Collins.

She is a working mum and runs a PR business as well as working part time in house for Design Objectives.

After talking to Emma she got me buzzing again to blog, social network and more importantly to chat.

I don't think Emma even realised how scared I was to do this and was relieved when she said we could do a pr brainstorm over Facebook chat, I will without doubt be working with Emma again and next time hopefully over the phone LOL!!

Please if you need any PR work, go check Emma's Facebook page out, I cannot rate her enough.

I feel all uplifted and positive today.






Lynn said…
Have a session tomorrow. Hopefully I will be as fired up as you are!! xx
mamof9 said…
So happy for you, I'm glad you are back, x
Tracy said…
Lynn that is brilliant, hopemitnhelps xxx
Tracy said…
Aww thankyou for that mamof9 very much appreciated xxx