Eastern Jewels Blanket.

Today I want to share one of my crochet endeavours with you.

Christmas time saw me treat myself to the Eastern Jewels blanket kit:

I sighed when I saw the kit and decided It had to come home with me, You can buy the kit here from Minerva crafts for £29.99.

I hasten to add I did not purchase from there, but did a quick search this morning so I could point you to where you could purchase one if you desire to do so.

The colours are a bit brighter in truth than the picture above shows, and the instruction booklet is amazing and gives you another colour option should you want to make another.
Here are some pictures of my progress 4 and bit octagons in.

I have to check my stitches every time as I taught myself to crochet using American patterns when I was younger and this is in UK terms.


The image below is the back of the octagon above.

That's all for today

Happy Making x