A great new sewing tool - well new to me!

Hello everyone, today I want to share a new to me piece of equipment its a game changer, and I am not talking about my new brother overlocker, (achem, More on that later when I have played).  I am talking clips.

These nifty little things are A-Maz-ing.   I have recently been put on blood thinning meds and when pinning out patterns, fabric etc. I do have a tendency to include my fingers and prick them a lot. I have to then stop what I am doing through fear of ruining fabric. Plasters just effect my dexterity too much. Bring on the clips a sewing group on face book were talking about these and I had to get some. 

Amazon Love it or hate it - I needed these fast.   the pic is the ones I went for they came in the cutest little tin, all for £7.89 but postage was extra.  100 clips total. 
Here is the link. to the ones I got.  I would say they are quicker than pins. And there is no way you will forget to take them off when sewing or serging like pins.