Tracking Today was good -15/6/2016

Started the day with a banana and a black coffee.

Dale had to go pick up a prescription and then we had to go and get some muller lights - cannot run out I need one of these in my day.

Then home for lunch


 Love Crayfish tails, all syn free bar 1tbsp of light salad cream (1Syn) and a healthy extra B for the roll.

Then after lunch a nice C25k run ensued, WK6 RUN 3 = 25 minutes constant running. 2.21 Miles.

Then because its my day off and I had a massive moment of madness, I booked myself into a zumba class at the gym for 6pm till 6.45pm and then I ran the mile home.

Evening meal was  Pasta and slimming world meatballs in homemade tomato,onion and mushroom sauce.

snacks at bedtime space raiders crisp 13g bag and slimming world bar, 3 syns each.

Finished the day on over 18,500 steps taken (includes the runs totaling 3.37 miles ) and 45 minutes of Zumba.

Shower and Bed now to relax with a book before 5am wake up tomorrow for work x