Days off are few and far.

*SIGH - of relaxation and happiness.

I am enjoying a day off today, our ward was short staffed on Tuesday and I ended up doing a very long split shift day. 7am - 1pm and then 4pm - 11pm. 

I feel as if I was only asked to do this as I recently............... 

Oh my forgot to post the news on my blog, I posted on Facebook but not here. LOL!!! 


Fear, dread, excitement and freedom all rolled into one.
Something I always said I would Never Ever do, my feelings of fear and anxiety were that strong about it.

Just goes to show everything can be overcome - although I had a little help from Bachs Rescue Me Herbal Remedy - courtesy of my driving instructor.

Any hoo, getting back to everything else, work at the hospital continues to be something I am happy to be working within. Although, no set shift pattern is a bummer, finding out every 6 weeks your new rota and its a mixture of earlies, lates, long days, twilights and nights can be exhausting especially if you only get 1 day off every few shifts.

 I am still maintaining weight - looking at this positively, its not going up any further, I still struggle to manage, diet, exercise, work and life balance.
I have a really good couple of weeks then a couple of really bad lazy ass ones. 

However I have got myself a 12 week journal, started Tuesday and aim to be as good as I can and not put too much pressure on (my down fall), just aim for 10,000 steps and try to do some form of exercise for 30 mins 3x a week. I really want to get back to a running club too, but my belief in going back to my old club wains as soon as I look at the routes on their website, Hills, hills and more bloody hills.  Such a running wuss.

So today brings, food shopping, baking, gym (I hope) and a drive on some new to me routes to get me used to driving not just to and fro work xxxx